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So the update now I be on Heaven Sky more, Drew left me and I got back with my ex on imvu that we been on and off for over a year.. So feel free to follower me over there On Heaven Sky.

Hello, just so you know this mommy main account and will not be on my other account.. ^-^

12.19.2016 Well a couple of month ago Drew left and didn't come back on and I found out he had a girlfriend where he live. D:

Soul {12/11/2015 & we got marry 12/14/15 - End it before I got with Drew since Soul hasn't been on.

Hello everyone. How is everyone?

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When your apart of the family but the one person that mattered to you forgets you are still here...

Hello everyone and how is everyone doing. I miss my family on here.

I am so sorry for not being on..

I am so sorry everyone that I been super busy help my friend clean her mom houses.

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+Soul Caliber​ I still love you
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