thanks for the invite guys i hope i can get some awesome friends and pp rps and hangouts im able anywhere

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(Honestly thought it was a game tbh.

But I joined considering my favorite game series, Kingdom Hearts, has Wonderland as a world in the game. So considering my character is a made up Character for Kingdom Hearts. He can fit right into this area.)

Name: R, short for Righteous.

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Inhabitant or explorer: Explorer

Appaerance: Silver hair and Black crown on his head. Golden brown, sometimes yellow eyes. Wears a black sleeveless shirt and black shorts and boots. Is able to change appearance and form. Also has wings that are bat like.

Personality: fun loving and chill. Nice. Always there for people who need help. Is serious when it comes to a fight.

Crush: Harley Quinn (If she's in here)

Why I'm here: It's said every star out there is a world. My character goes from world to world exploring and searching for someone. He does this using a space ship called a Gummi Ship. On his quest he ends up outside the large Rabbit Hole and jumps in to explore what's below. As he lightly finds himself floating down, he realizes he is in a world within a world. Wonderland!
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At times i don't know why but i feel like people are following me but i can't see them...or as if someone is trying to talk to me i zone out...

And sadly i say this because i like to daydream about fantasies that will never come true..or about things that i wish would happen. And i seem oddly proud of this.

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 • Age;
• Gender:
 • Wonderland Inhabitant or explorer:Inhabitant
 • Appearance:
 • Personality:
 • Crush(if so):none
 • Biography ( if you are an explorer, what led you to the rabbit hole?): Daughter of Alice and Mad hatter

So how does this RP  thing work? Never actually did it in G+

I honestly don't know why I'm here

Hey I'm so glad to be here
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