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An insightful #TEDx Talk by Sherry Turkle on risks of too much connectedness & not knowing when to #unplug. A few of my favourite quotes from:

"If we do not teach our children to be alone, they will only know how to be lonely."

"Having got into the habit of constant connection, we risk losing our capacity for the kind of solitude that energizes and restores."

"Reclaiming conversation: that’s the next frontier."


#Researching #WordPress themes and #plugins for setting up an #OnlineClassroom. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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This is an interesting #talk on what happens when you make tests open book and open computer, shifting the focus from rote #learning to critical thinking.

#CheckItOutWorld #EdTalk 

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Very much appreciate everyone's feedback on the #StoryToGo logo design yesterday.  Thank you!

Here is what we've decided, based on the feedback: the 4 arrows will be the main logo, while we will use the #StoryToGo pacman as a 'character' on various places on the site, and possibly as our avatar where needed.
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Some disturbing figures here.  

Creativity, talent & hard work are not gender specific. 

‪#‎makeitfair‬ #StoryToGo   #changegate  

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I see so many people writing beautiful Happy Birthday messages on facebook to their kids who are not even old enough to read, let alone the fact that they are not on facebook and will never read what their mom or dad wrote.
I hope they make a point of copying their message in a digital type of journal so that one day their kids can see all the wonderful things that were said. Otherwise...why are these parents doing it? To profess how much they love their child in the form of a note addressed to the child, but meant only for everyone else to read?!

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There are plenty of media related jobs to be had in Canada!  BCIT has compiled a list for one stop shopping for those who are job hunting.

Laughed until my belly hurt last night and was reminded what a great experience Improv storytelling is!

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These are some really fun storytelling gift exchange ideas. We did this once where everyone just brought a $5 gift. When it was time to play we each picked a gift we liked, sat in a circle and someone read one of these stories. Every time they said the word 'right' we passed our gift to the right and every time they said 'left' we passed to the left. At the end of the story we got to open the gift we were left holding.
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