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Happy to have finally got #NaturallyOurs up on Stareable, and even happier to see that we are the #WeekendPick!

Raising a glass to the team, including +Kelly Conlin, +Lori Yearwood, +Emme Rogers, +Ahimsa Media and +Roamancing!

If enjoy watching and / or crafting #webseries, I recommend checking #Stareable out.

#NaturallyOurs #womenfilmmakers #womeninfilm #cdnfilm #BCfilm

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For any of you that have monetized #YouTube Channels, you might be reeling this morning after an email from YouTube.

To help each others channels out, so we keep our monetization, I will be sharing some of the tips ...etc here this month to improve your #VideoSEO and attract more viewers to your channel. I encourage others to do the same.


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Wow! Stepping away from the scientist and naturalist in me that screams how very wrong this is, it also makes me shake my head at the poor #storytelling choices that were made here both by McDonalds and whichever #marketing agency developed this idea. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE and COMMUNITY, and RESPECT YOUR COMMUNITY.

#StoryToGo #BrandStorytelling

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Episode 4 of Naturally Ours! The last episode of our first season leaves you with the beautiful nature of Salt Spring Island with soulful lessons on the healing power of nature you can use anywhere. Thanks for watching!

An Owl's life is one of watching in stealth, learning sans fear. Wasting naught, and minding quietly one's self as anyone who'll lean in to lend me an ear. I have done my due diligence in learning about things in life and ways, as I've gathered the limits of my fether-filled wings. I'll share what I know and imaginatively go 'long. With the aided tutelage of help in the song of life that seems obvious, I may have turned wrong. I have always wanted to tell stories. I am a retired psychiatrist with many tales of myself, and others' bios covered in allegorical skins, housed way up on my shelf.

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Episode 4 of Naturally Ours will be coming to YouTube soon! Here's what you have to look forward to.

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Episode 3 of Naturally Ours is ready for you and it's all about owls! Erica is fortunate enough to be invited into the studio of Salt Spring Wool Arts, and watch Aki Otsu craft his beautiful birds. The night wouldn't be complete though, without a little owl prowl of her own with Glen Tremblay at Cusheon Lake. They might even teach you how to call a Barred Owl. Enjoy!

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Presenting Episode 2 of #NaturallyOurs, our documentary web series! Enjoy the beautiful footage of Ruckle Heritage Farm (Canada's oldest working farm) and find out what the farm does to be sustainable and contribute wisely to the environment.

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Over at Ahimsa Media, we have embarked on a new storytelling adventure! We have launched our first web series with season 1 focusing on the parks and people of Salt Spring Island in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Episode 1 just launched this week:

Tune in for all the episodes as they are released on Vidme here:

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We are attempting to embark on an exciting adventure around the world to find the secrets to love and share them with all of you. To do that...we need your vote! Our #webseries pitch is part of a #Storyhive competition. Voting is super easy, with no registration or additional information required on your part. Simply click the button!

Vote Here:

A little intro to our idea by Erica:
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