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Question... There are of course lots of emotional unavailable people in the world. Most are sorting out their issues or simply going through life in a numb fashion. Which is one reason why it seems challenging to truly form a strong connection with someone. I am smart, kind, happy, successful with a full life. Most people, even all my exes cannot figure out why I am single but I tell them that I am wanting to find a kind, honest man who is on the same page so we can challenge each other. I get asked out more than most so I do more weeding than most but it is troubling that most people do not want to leave their comfort zone. It is sad that they would rather remain lonely than take a risk. At what point does one simply resort to settling? I don't want to be alone forever.

After an affair how does the person having the affair cope with what they have done?

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Can you describe the feeling that came over you the moment you first laid eyes on the person who is now the love of your life?

Share how you met and where you met. 

It is a myth that giving your husband sex anytime he wants it will keep him from cheating. Do you agree?

Can a love that has been beaten up tested and tried survive?
How does one recover from harsh words thrown at them by their partner or spouse?

Blessed are the ones who look for nothing in return for doing good deeds.

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Moving forward cannot be done without forgiveness and I'm a living witness. L.M.

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