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Hello all,

We have released a new version of Microsoft To-Do Insider for Android (1.51.7639). These are the changes included:

- [NEW] Files returned in search results
- [FIX] Prevent crash after loading colors/themes in the rename dialog if the dialog has been closed
- [FIX] Use correct tint color on api 21 for downloaded files
- [FIX] Update accessibility string
- [FIX] Add pressed state to headers in the tasks view
- [FIX] Crash setting header background
- [FIX] Change theme menu option not visible in My Day and Planned

As always, thanks a lot for using the Insiders version, and don't hesitate to give us any feedback!

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What does the Quick Add on Android do?

Bug(?): I noticed that the search function in the windows app remembers the setting to hide the finished entries, but the android app doesn't.

Feature request: It would be great if you could create a smart list which lists all the todos and sub-todos with a specific #tag (as if you are using the search function and search for #tag)

The app will be perfect for me if I could neast lists under others, grouping then. This would provide better organization of the lists and tasks. Not sure if it's already beeing developed, I'm a new member.

Feature request :

Both in android and PC, I find one thing missing.
Attachments should get available not only when tapped / clicked on them but automatically in background.
... or how about a toggle key at all platforms, "Download All Files Automatically" !?

No more notifications from G+ from the 7 March, this is the only group that I still have on G+, when will you have information on a new platform for us?

Hiding Completed List option should have come under ToDo settings instead of individual list.

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Anyone having similar issue?

Where will this community be migrated after sunsetting G+?

Feature requests

Todo is now almost complete in terms of my needs for a simple manager at least.

Are the following items in the roadmap?

1. Comments thread for specific tasks. This is very useful especially in shared lists to keep updated. Right now the only option is to add updates in notes section, which is not convenient.

2. Sync with Outlook flagged tasks. Can be as a separate smart list to keep track more easily.

3. File attachments in shared list tasks (I assume this is being worked on?)

4. Limited repeats. Eg, repeat every week for 6 weeks. Right now, it repeats indefinitely.

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