Hi guys,
before I forget you should also mention the flowering. Depending on what you recorded the date when you observed the first flowers will be enough.

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Freeze dryer
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The other herb group had a question about using standard deviation or standard error. Please check the little video below, and check with the other herb group so both of you use one method for comparison.

Hi guys, I am doing some freeze dryer search. Can anybody send me a picture of the unit at the zoo? I would like to know the specs.


Each GBE group please submit a paragraph proposal for their plans on what they want to plant on the new shelf at the lab.
Each group will have available to the the space of an orchid tray.
You may choose different plants, soils/substrates, pot sizes, etc.
Have it done today for Marion to go over and get this ball rolling.

I need access to your red light box data.

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Research Introduction Draft
1. Writing your research project's Introduction draft:
- A draft will suffice for next Friday
- It is INDIVIDUAL work
- You must include all parts of your introduction draft, all the topics/parts you will cover even if some are bullet points to receive a full grade. Grades will be deducted in the proportion to the parts missing (see CSU paper attached for guidance).
- To be done as a Google doc and turned in in this Google classroom assignment AND a link posted in "Research Proposal and Writing" in G+ so FTBG scientists can access it as well.

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March 27,2017
Today we continued to input data for the boxes from trial 2. As well as watered the replanted plants with 1000mL of water.
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