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1: No swearing, 17+ games, or bullying in posts/comments.
2: No "persuading people to like or reshare". EXAMPLE: Ignore if you're an animal abuser, reshare to save this cat's life. <--- NOT ALLOWED!
3: This community is only for GAMING. It's okay to say stuff like "good morning" or "good night" but you can't say stuff like "It's a lovely day here in Orlando." because that could begin a flood of comments saying "OOH WHAT'S IT LIKE TO LIVE IN ORLANDO!?"
4: This kind of refers back to #1, if you feel like you just HAVE to swear then you can do (*) or (!@#$) just don't put a letter in the word in there.

So you have three chances; first chance is a warning, second chance is getting kicked (you can rejoin), and third chance is getting banned.

If you follow these rules for 12 months, you have a chance of getting moderator.

Have a nice day.

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The Sims, comes to DGC with the gameplay and review video
Like and sub

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Join this community and share it please. (Owner: ++NIGHTMARE 2.0)

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So, I used something called to make my account's enitials <--- (I don't know).So, you're not playing the game, you're running the game with commands. I used
A LOT of commands to do this because I kept making mistakes and having to fix them.

Hello everyone. Let's thank +NIGHTMARE 2.0 for joining the community. He has a community with over 100 members.

Everyone I am so sorry that most posts have been deleted.
I have been making changes to the community so Google+ had to delete your post. If you would like, you can re-upload them to the community, then act like nothing's changed. Once again sorry!

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Finding space to build a better version of this in PS3

Sure :)
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