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To join Planet Mobile Business Club, you need to buy Mobilepreneur package worth Php 3,888, this will serve as your enrollment fee and investment capital. This would be onetime and lifetime package.

What's inside the package?

1. Authorized Mobilepreneur Tarpaulin & price list . This would serve as your marketing tool

2.Planet Mobile Plastic ID w/ Holokote Security

3.Application Forms

4.Accidental Insurance package worth Php 50,000, from Fortune General Insurance Company

5.G-Cash POWERPAY + Card (Globe) . This is the official Electronic Cash Wallet of Planet Mobile

Features :
E-loading Business - you don't need to have two or more cellphones to sell load, this is only one sim that can load to ALL NETWORK.
Send Money - you don't need to go e-money remittance centers every time you send money to your family and friends in other places or spend time and pay for charges. It's ALL HERE! NO CHARGE!
Debit Card - pay for shopping on any department stores, you don't need to bring cash.
Pay Bills - you don't need to spend time to pay your bills, it's all here! Just Text!
- Telecoms
- Airlines
- Credit Cards
- Government
- Insurance
- Loans
- Schools
- Utilities
& many more

6. Lifetime Discount on all products

7. PVO (Personal Virtual Office) - an online account which you can view your bonuses, incomes, and all of your transactions.

note: this is free and shoulder it by the company, instead of paying $60 or Php 2,640 for the domain of your account. Unlike other network marketing companies that the members are paying as much as 2,500 for the maintenance of their accounts. But for us, it's FREE!

8. 15 PCS MCPC (Mobile Consumer Privilege Card) - Every time you sold each of this MCPC to someone that are non-members, you will get automatically Php 250 each that serves as your referral bonus. Meaning you sell these cards to those who don't want to join PlanetMobileBusinessClub but they want to avail discounts. The advantage is, the rebates or the points value of the product they purchase will come to your account since you are the member.

When you sold these MCPC then - 15 pcs x Php 250 referral bonus = Php 3,750

9. Discount Voucher for KOPIKO Vending Machine - if you refer someone to buy KOPIKO VENDING machine then you will get Php 2,000 as referral bonus per unit.

Non member price is Php 20,914
Member price is Php 18,914

10. 1 pack KOPIKO Cafe Blanca

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Planet Mobile Business Club

Planet Mobile Business Club is a division of Planet Biz Int'l Inc., it is an e- marketing firm that distributes telecommunication services and world class branded consumer products via social marketing strategy supported by advance internet distribution system partnered.
Planet Mobile Business Club / Planetbiz International Inc., mission is to provide alternative source of income to seasoned and budding Filipino entrepreneurs in the country and around the world. Through, the corporate website, all who joined the program instantly becomes universal merchant-ventures or universal business ventures. Mobilepreneurs are given a virtual office where he/she can manage his or her own business, facilitate product orders or even accept secured payments via web or mobile device.
Planet Mobile Business Club / Planetbiz International Inc., vision is to be the Philippines most-credible e-Marketing Distribution Company and the most Dependable Business Provider in the network marketing industry. The company's goal is long term that is the reason why we only offer high quality and affordable products and services

The power of technology has leveled the playing field of the business world, and Planetbiz Int'l Inc. is fully equipped to empower those who are willing to move fast forward. Planet Moile Business Club / Planetbiz Int'l Inc., your key to boundless opportunity.

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Planet Mobile Business Club Overview


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One Planet, One Business

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