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Listen, I have come across something that might really interest you. It is a great way to warm any list, increase engagement and also create a solid stream of passive income in a future. It is a free mobile and desktop app very much like Skype or Viber or WhatsApp and anyone can join for free but they all get paid because the mobile app displays a tiny ads and people get 70% of the revenue.
When you create a large network you will receive a lot of money as they also have cheap international calling with cash back and you get paid down to 8th levels with any activity.
This opportunity is free. It started from my up-line 4 days ago and we already have close to 400 people in 24 countries and people get just crazy about it. I use it to push everyone from my lists to it, then to warm them up and then to upset them something else.
As I said, you can recruit almost everyone as there is not starting cost, no monthly costs, etc.
It is a long term investment but for leaders like us we can easily build up a huge organization and be paid the overhead for years.
I plan to build up a network of 50 000 members in 2016.
Look at it, you may find it interesting. The company started only 90 days ago, they already 500 000 users LOL but it has potential for 500 millions.
I definitely want to be a part of that one.
This is my referral link:
Grab an account and let's connect. I will show you how it works. I think you will catch an idea once you see it inside.
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