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We need some characters to be filled such as

💖Queen of hearts- +Brenna Radford
🐇White rabbit- +Vapire Assassin
👬twiddle dee and twiddle dum- +Yukari Fumio
😸Cheshire cat- +kitty Cheshire
🚺Alice- +Angela blanc
🐰March Hare- +Damien Tazke
🐹Dormouse- +RazTheSphinx U
👑The White Queen- +karina addison


Tweedle dee and his brother were happily jumping around swinging their weapons at each other like they were toys, they had many little scars from their "playing" and "having fun" while they were bored for nothing going on and no one to execute.

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Hatter said on her mushroom seat her hand under her chin and stared at the unknown contraption on the mushroom table, it was big round and had a huge lock with multiple puzzles once you got past the first one. Her fish that were in bubbles swimmers around in circles as her neko son tried to catch them, anyways ... off topic this was a present from her dad who had disappeared a long time ago mysteriously from wonderland, she was so into the item that she didn't hear your sudden concerns from behind her

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The white queen was strolling through the forest her guards hiding from plain sight. A white tiger trailed after her as she moved. She was out to collect flowers and herbs. What a boring day. The queen would pout childishly as she came to a stop. Her white cloak would fall off exploding into white rose petals. I believe we have company She whispered as she leaned down to pet the tiger. Care to show yourself?
((Open Rp))

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name Gwenyuvar Jester (Gwenyuvar is an adapted spelling of Gwenivere king Arthur's wife)

nickname Gwen

gender female

species unknown

age 28

family they disowned her so she has no contact with them.

friends she doesn't have any due to rarely going in the city but she does have two odd beings that constantly try to get her attention (if anyone wants to make either of hte beings tell me in the comment.

Pets she has a pet Doe that she's tamed (If anyone wants to make her pet deer let me know in the comments.)

Personality She's extremely shy and doesn't like to talk about her past she hates being in the city doesn't speak when in large groups but talks to herself and to animals and to someone that no one else has ever seen as when anyone comes around the voice stops. she rarely talks in public settings has so mementos or pictures of her family when the subject of family is brought up she seems sad she always seems to be listening to something and observing. she does kind acts in silence and always seems to be observing people who are sick around her seem to get better but if the person is evil or a very bad criminal they seem to get sicker and sicker eventually dying. prey animals like sheep and deer adore her and seem to flock to her Predatory animals fear her and don't touch her she frequently wakes up in the morning with mysterious injuries and tares in her clothing without remembering anything. she was blamed for several incidents int he city and so she lives in the forest away from people only coming in to get supplies and socialize with others.

powers people who are good heated heal quickly around her people who are evil get sick and die after contact with her she has an allergy to silver gold and bronze. Her blood tests as unknown and has massive healing properties her eyes change color at night and at night she can see in the dark but its in black and white she can only see color during the day. she has higher hearing and smell and sight than most humans able to pick up sounds that animals can hear. she heals slowly but if she eats meat especially pork it heals her much more quickly. animals act differently around her predatory animals flee before her prey animals flock to her like a protector she often wakes up with wounds remembering nothing she constantly sees a man an a woman an odd pair that clearly aren't people with horns on their head and large wings they speak constantly trying to get her attention unless someone else comes to visit then they seem to vanish it seems only she can see them and hear them.

strengths her good senses make it easy to see who sneaking up behind her people who are good get healthier around her and evil people slowly deteriorate so she preforms a public service by being around

weakness she's Allergic to gold silver and bronze metals they make her break out in hives she's allergic to mistletoe cloves and witch hazel and has bad reactions to water it seems to hurt her skin badly she drinks colored liquid like tea.

likes the forest conversing with the two odd beings her pet deer being around other animals

dislikes her parents being harassed by people being in the city being in large crowds

bio She was adopted by a family from an orphanage she just appeared there on the doorstep her blood tested unknown but had high antibodies and helped a lot of people odd things happened around her even after she was adopted eventually he was blamed for several unexplained deaths in the neighborhood on her 21st birthday at a party after having one of her odd black outs where she'd wake up covered in injuries and torn clothing and not know why cause the last thing she remembered she was in bed she was disowned and wandered the streets for awhile scraping up money to get a cabin in the woods where she tamed a female deer and continued to have her blackouts where no one could see several years later when she turned 23 two beings appeared they had horns and wings and constantly spoke trying to get her attention she spoke back greeting them eventually having conversation when people would knock on the door they would vanish though they never tell her why they're here!

song that fits her (will add later)
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Mad Hatter rested in bed she was severely ill and couldn't bother to be out of bed which cause a slight default in Wonderland. Any part of wonderland that was managed by the Hatter was turning white very slowly but largely noticeable, the only thing the Hater would repeat was "Where is My Alice, oh where can she be ! Her adopted so Chester was curled up near her his little kitty ears laid back as her nuzzled his mothers side, he was worried and afraid, his mother hasn't recovered in weeks. The Jabberwocky that was kept in her yard as a pet laid sadly morning over it owners sickness, causing it to decrease in health as well +Angela Blanc 

+AnimeHorrorKitty (want to rp? here?)

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Alice sits with chester at the tea party table she'd been lonely since raven left on her urgent business tea just isn't the same without her. +Anime Kinu Kitty 

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goes to give Raven a hug and a pot of tea and finds her without her hat and leaning on the table what's wrong you don't look yourself without your hat looks around where Is your hat? +Anime Dead Kitty (haven't used them in awhile :3)

who wants to roleplay with me let me know and add me as a friend ok greets from me ^^
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