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Are you seeking a system for rapid development of business applications?
Or maybe you looking for a tool to modernize your Domino applications?
We know what you need!

ClevaDesk provides powerful Apps designer to build DOMINO applications you can only dream of.

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Application to manage tasks and assignments

This application was developed in ClevaDesk designer
With use IBM Domino and Mongo DB.

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Can we get more benefits of IBM DOMINO? YES !!!!!!!!!!!

What do we love about DOMINO?
- Mature, proven ‘document database’, used by millions of users
- Security, access control and encryption
- Flexibility
- NoSQL - easily scalable data structure
- ХРages
- Server infrastructure & the tools to manage it
- A lot of power in one box

Can we get more benefits of IBM DOMINO? YES !!!!!!!!!!!

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Web interface to an existing Lotus Notes application

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#Fulltime -Lotus Domino Expert -In NC,USA . Mail your resume to

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Looking to use Smart Upgrade. I understand the concept, and I have read the Redbook articles, help files, etc..... but I can not for the life of me find a way to implement SU for groups of people at a time. It's either all or nothing. 

Has anyone "deployed" SU via policy, or some other systematic way? Seamless, silent, with no shared drive install?

Please share your thoughts, experiences, etc. Greatly appreciated. 
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