As a real estate agent I need to ask for sage & unbiased advice about all the need for a SSL certificate for my real estate web site. There are many supposed experts on a real estate site that say it is a must or we will lost rankings we hold with Google.

I am looking for some clarity here. Many thanks in advance!

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Best way to change Final URLs of ads?

Hey guys,

Any tips on the best way to edit final URLs of ads in Adwords Editor?

There's also the "Make changes in duplicate items" checkbox and "Select newly created items" checkbox.

Better to just replace the URLs keeping these checkboxes unchecked?

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This is a pretty cool plugin for seeing exactly what your other devices - or even bots - see.
Trouble With Disapproved Ads In AdWords ?

Invalid HTTP Response 403 Error - This can be very difficult to resolve!
Everyone you talk to will have their own ideas about what's wrong, but few will agree. It could be almost anything.

* Problem with your .htaccess file
* Improper file permissions
* WordPress security plug-in acting up
* An over protective firewall
* Server configuration error
* SSL Certificate problems
* The list goes on...

And if it means your AdWords campaign goes down, you may not have a lot of time to troubleshoot the problem. Google Webmaster Tools can help if you have an account and your domain has already been verified.

But there is an alternative. You can use a Chrome Extension to switch your User Agent to Google Bot and find out exactly what the Google spider see when it looks at your landing page.

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Automated click attack this morning. Thanks Google for filtering these out!
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Hey Guys! I'm a Local Guide and am also a MapMaker Regional Lead and Google My Business Top Contributor. I work for an SEO company that works with small businesses (who often want us to help them with Google Maps/Google My Business related stuff) and thought I'd check in here to see if anyone here in the Toronto area and was looking for a job. We're continually hiring due to sales growth and would love to have anyone looking for a job in the Toronto area to email me at

Admins > if for any reason job postings aren't allowed in here, please let me know.

Anyone have experience with PPC for chiropractors?

Anyone have intermittent issues where the Preview Tool shows nothing in the preview window after a search?

I really wish Actual CTR trumped Expected CTR when determining QS....what a sham

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Apparently, the reports of the death of link importance have been greatly exaggerated.....
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