me: ok, jeff..,,, jason told me to ask you his question, but it currently busy taking a shower, so ill ask it for his
so, jasons question was: jeff, if you ever saw me and tian genderbend, how would you react?
now my question was, will you help me get out of a fight with a cannibal or leave me to get eaten? cause ive met alot of cannibals in my life, cause i just find them cool!

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Jeff i got a Question..... While i was playing roblox horror stories 2..... i saw a horror story name called happy sunshine if u go inside the tree house u freak me out and PLZ WHY U SCARE ME AND OTHER PEOPLE?!?!! YOUR LIKE A FREAK

jeff i dare you to kiss jane the killer in the lip's and she think's you love her >w<
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