I'd like to apply for the body guard position 

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~Hello I am Claude Faustus. Pleased to meet you! bows and pushes up glasses 

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name: Mark
Age: 17
Race: human /dragon
Bio: warrior for hire and  assassin for hire
Abilities: turn into a humanoid dragon and manipulation of dark aura
weapons: any type of heavy swords

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Name- Ririchiyo (riri)
Age- 16
Gender- Female
Race- Half human and Half demon
Weapons- Sword and combat.

Bodyguard- Needed!!!!!
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Billy C . Conaway (duggy)

Age 19

Monster: kur (a big ass monster thing)

Bio: strat ass Pittsburgh boy meaning you pick a fight with me I'll kick your ass motherfucker I'm look at you mask boy
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