Is there salvation for me or am I at my end?

I could imagine a million scenarios for us but no matter which one we go through I'm glad I'm with you

Lyrically masterd rymes rythmatically inclined minds wasted on a message of drugs and bitches they prove Snitches get sticthes so strung up they forget what words are. So scarred and bruised so beaten and blooied the ironic post about promoting world Peace then scrolling to see a nasty dirty deed fuck man lied to again nothing personal not your counselor peace -Beasty

I'll be thinking of that kiss for years now

I don't know how to put any of the words in my head so instead I stare at you and hope my eyes say what my mouth can't.

If you could only take a look at what's going on in my twisted noodle you'd understand

You're words are like steely blades carving poetic love notes into my chest

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I'm slowly starting to love myself thank you 😊

The smell of metal heating up is such a blissful and re assuring smell

I'm gonna be a loser my entire life aren't I
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