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It's too long to numb. I have to fix what's broken because what isn't broken never needs to be fixed and I will stay selfish living in a life still living and feeling dead without you when I'm still alive because your here, trying your hardest to not die of a broken heart not having your Grace to complete what Heaven makes free from the pain we have broken for a generation ignored in ignorance of being voiceless to tell you how much I love you when you won't allow to die in vain. Divine intervention has forced me to have a date, a dance, at least one day to bring my heart back to you. I am dead without you. I am lost in the wind without a direction but a spirial into death of Grace. I hope to give you a gracious angel you shined your light so far away for as long as time a thousands years can hold in just ten years of your love. Can I ask to ride on your Honda because your my Saint and I have wings unable to be plucked just because of you and Our Savior mapping my blinded eyes. Your heart and your Daughters heart may have a special place in Heaven if We go with two halves broken together whole. If happiness doesn't give strength today, I wish this will be an invitation to a ride on your bike to our place in the mountains of Estes Park. Please look up my recent work I have made on my blogs for creative writing and poetry called ZionicB Poetry and Motivational Enlightenment the internet reads dedicated to a man who played music for His Daughter on Zion Street that let Music and Instrumental sound set her free in Grace. It has been excercising this revelation for a year now. I love you and will have a hand at the gate of Zion in Honor to dance only Grace in Jesus has. Brittany Lewis States is ZionicB anew generation creates a thousand years Heaven multiplies a thousand times enteral light gives. I have a story I have to tell you myself. It's a book my Guardian Angels written. They are my Grandpa States and Grandma States sing for in Heaven. They gave me a gift in my 8th birthday chiming a vision I saw falling off a latter when I was 4 years of age when I saw those angels who saved me like the latter you broke your back falling from but I have wings for you Daddy. The bird's I sing with each morning sing Psalms of Chime. Please only remember this in Holy Trinity makes a story of truth, way and light. The most important gate has a Daughter who welcomes all to eternal life Christ bodies in Grace of Unity that holds the last name called States. Thank you for your powerful prayers. This is the only power strong enough to answer my story of purpose my Psalms of Zion can publish for the world to read. Signed States, Lewis Brittany. I am You and You are Me. Oneness is Worthy.

The fisherman neighbor's the farmer a town not too far from his lake. The fisherman is a patient and humble man who has two boys He raises alone. He is widowed and all of them work hard in dedication of the woman they embrace and honor no longer alive. They follow her wise words still sounding clear as day and stay away from the violent town not too far from the lonesome farmer they call neighbor a town away but always makes their word a bond kept every week to bring him a main dish of fresh fish just to complete a full meal of sweet corn and potatoes the farmer prepares with a taste better every time they meet. The farmer is a frail old white man with no help around due to the black on black crimes He prays shall come to pass, not giving up hope. He feared in shame to ask the 3 black fishermen to protect him from the hate the violent town caused too many times before just because his frail skin and blue eyes. The family the 4 men may not look alike but They have lost the women in such tragity. Neighbors no longer had a title not in comparison to what importance the meaning of family is. They ask for prayer more then their own because they don't want anyone to lose the ones they lost. The farmer had a wife and daughter. His wife was a black woman unfamilier with the racism in that town. Her daughter mixed in such beautiful cinnimon complexion with just enough freckles noticed the compliment of her light brown eyes. They all were magnificent women. No one has found the thugs who taken their innocent lives til this day. Both mothers were best friends and held the forts together with a women's touch unique to their own. They died in such tragity on a hot summer night. The two mothers drove in the hood of project buildings picking the mixed girl up from a house party. Only to find Her raped and surrounded by several men holding liquor bottles and guns. They all took the G-Code with wrong instruction that night and killed all of them innocent women. The fathers and humble son knew the frail white man couldn't wait any longer for a call back from the hick town police so they closed the case alone with G-Codes main rule in the hood of lost souls. They solved the case alright and found the same group of thugs outside the market shooting a hood video called " Fucking bitches, hoes pay me lovely" Pops and Son knew Momma never said anything wrong and held her word up to justice they solved alone. She said stay away from violence but defend your own. She didn't believe in jumping folks but always made reason for her family. "One fights, we all fight. Durty feet aint the only thing walking those streets." She said it with a tone like a woman of God was wise enough to say. Reason said short and sweet. The two men kept the rules of the courtroom and the streets and went back to the farmer to tell the news about the drive by shooting occured before they arrived into that town. The cops verified the thugs dead were the same ones drinking the same liqure and cigarettes evident in dna matching the same at the house party on that hot summer night. Not what is known but for the Good Lord to judge if justice was properly done. By ZionicB...Freestyle Poems and Freestyle Stories. Love and Embrace Life

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In-depth and not proofread but please read and put love into all your life has to offer. Optimistic I am. 💗ZionicB
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