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I would like to welcome all our new members - thank you for being part of a growing community. As ever, don't forget to invite your blogging friends to the community...the more members we have, the more help and support this community can provide. It will also bring you more exposure to your blog. Enjoy and thanks again for being part of the community. Happy networking..!! :)

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Cuti sekolah ni nak jalan-jalan Johor lah. Banyak tempat best kat Johor ni, tapi ada satu tempat ni, mesti anak-anak teruja kalau dengar kita nak bawa ke sini. Kat mana tu?

Menginap kat hotel ni saja dah boleh menggembirakan mereka tau! Nak tahu apa yang bestnya pasal hotel ni?

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A while back I received an email with the subject heading "How to win writing contests." While I normally pay no attention to writing advice (I have a knee-jerk reaction to break all the rules), this letter turned out to be pretty good. As I scrolled down through the sections, I was distinctly aware that not only do judges look for these qualities in stories, but editors and agents do as well. Over the years I have consulted this letter every time I've begun a new project, just to remind myself what agents, and readers, look for in a story.

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Every second a human is born on earth
Very next second we make him man
First by name, then by religion
Followed by race and by nationality
Tagging doesn't stop; goes on and on
By comparing money and degree he earn
Rest of the life passes carrying these tags
Living and surviving under these tags
This solemnity lies even when dead
When some left with condolence
and Some left without any knowledge.

© Singh Vikas, 2017

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