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I would like to welcome all our new members - thank you for being part of a growing community. As ever, don't forget to invite your blogging friends to the community...the more members we have, the more help and support this community can provide. It will also bring you more exposure to your blog. Enjoy and thanks again for being part of the community. Happy networking..!! :)

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Urologist Surgeon in Delhi
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After reading Stephen King’s memoir, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, I have to conclude that famous writers don’t know jack. That’s because they are writing intuitively. They have a gift, and the substance of that gift cannot be transferred. They can only say, “This is how I write.” There is only one rule in writing: You can do anything, provided that you can pull it off.

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This Chicks note from Italy and a mini review: It was Always You by Georgie Capron

Hi from Italia! We are having a wonderful time on our river cruise, even though we are not traveling the Po river because of draught. We are tootling around the Venice waters and being bussed to our stops. A little more time in a bus means more time to catch up on reading.

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Hallo Ihr Lieben heute darf ich Euch dank @Mediamarkt und @Philips etwas für die Küche vorstellen.

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If you want to know what tech-skills are in demand and offers top-dollar, then check out the hottest IT professions you might want to get into and specialize in.

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Dopo anni le ho rifatte e sono sempre buonissime le
SIMIL MACINE ANNAINCASA con o senza ammoniaca

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Do you want to lose weight quickly? No matter what happens do not use these methods to slim down fast! There’s all kind of information online about the fast ways to lose weight, and desperate people are willing to do anything, even resort to unhealthy ways to lose weight fast because of lack of awareness. If you adopt them, then you risk landing yourself in trouble and invite many diseases. The weight loss methods you use should be carefully researched and scrutinized. Here are 8 such examples so you know what not to do. Btw, #4 is sickening!

More at the blog. :)

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