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I would like to welcome all our new members - thank you for being part of a growing community. As ever, don't forget to invite your blogging friends to the community...the more members we have, the more help and support this community can provide. It will also bring you more exposure to your blog. Enjoy and thanks again for being part of the community. Happy networking..!! :)

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Is anyone else finding it all a bit boring?

The post Is anyone else finding it all a bit boring? appeared first on Fitcake Blog . I wish we would all stop taking the internet so seriously. I’ve been avoiding certain areas within the blogging community, and I’m not sorry. I have consciously been spending time…

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"The hidden harmony of nature is far superior
to what shows" said Heraclitus...and I believe it !Everybody can look, but few will see his sense
Has real utility to ILLUMINATE every sincere soul.
Un universo nos da la vida y otro más sutil nos afecta como a la Tierra, la cual creó un ROSTRO metáfora de toda la Humanidad.
Más que "geografía de esperanza" ilumina al sincero.

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It pays to save money and invest if you want to live brighter. Find out more about this in my latest blog post.

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An authentic, Bengali preparation of pomfret with a freshly made spice mix.... With a vegetarian serving of Cabbage-Potato and Bottlegourd-Moong Dal alongside.... it was enjoyed with steamed rice at our home!
Recipe @

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The Bloggers Network Daily is out! Stories via @catarinaalexon @jepaladino @marthaorlando1 #BloggersNetwork #blogging #recipe #birthdayparty #facebook (22nd March 2018)

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Internal health and Garden of Life | Ad

The post Internal health and Garden of Life | Ad appeared first on Fitcake Blog . This post is sponsored by Garden of Life.  Hello again, things are changing, I’ll be talking about my goal changes and health realisations over the next few months as I’ve…

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Synopsis: “Betrayal of Faith” is an award-winning novel by Mark M. Bello. It is a riveting story of a lawyer’s struggle for redemption, a sinister organization’s attempt at a cover-up, and a mother’s fight for justice for her sons. When Jennifer discovers…

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Lux StopOver: 18 Hours in Vancouver, Canada
After a pretty, perfect day in Victoria, it was time to head to the big city: Vancouver. Vancouver needs almost no introduction - and for me, it is one of those cities I had always wanted to visit. While my husband 'conferenced' in Seattle, I went to see my lovely friend Nancy and had a little taste of British Columbia - a "taste" because I want to go back and explore it properly (and take some more empty suitcases).

#Vancouver #Canada #NorthAmerica #travel #tourism #vacation #trip #getaway #ilovetravel #jetsetter #visit #holiday #vacation #fun #passportready #travelblogger #wanderlust
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