Any ideas why URLs with UTM parameters would appear in Google?

I have a question that falls into image or technical SEO...

Our CMS creates URL parameters for images based on the dimensions of the image. As different sized image are automatically created for different purposes, we end up with multiple URLS that are identical, except for the URL parameters e.g.


I have two questions:
1. If all of these are allowed to be crawled, is this duplicate content? (I think the answer is "Yes", but I want to check).
2. Assuming the answer to the above is "Yes", just how big of an issue is this? I'm trying to work out if this is a critical problem we should fix immediately, or is it typically a lower priority issue?

Any advice/tips/guidance from folks more experienced in this area would be hugely appreciated. :)

Is anyone there?

I have an SEO question and I thought I'd ask it here as this has been a great community but I haven't been here for a while. Is it just me or has everyone gone away? I can't see any recent posts no matter how I filter the view.

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Hi SEO Panel :)

Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a KW research/competitor tool, similar to SEMRush but for Yandex (or global tool for other search engines as well like Baidu)?

Any feedback is appreciated.

Hi SEO friend and happy new week.
I'm analyzing a big italian online news magazine.
I've checked something strange: the 3 news in "top stories" aren't the first 3 news by rank in "news" tab.

What are the rank factors differences - by you - from "top stories" rank factors and google news "tab" rank factors?


Hi SEO Panel,

I was wondering if any of you would be willing so share your most successful report template that not only details the improved performance of your SEO campaign, but that is also easy and pleasing to look at for you clients.

I've created many reports, but at the end of the day, I feel that each report I create isn't as enticing and pretty much follows the same flow as the previous.

Thank you all in advance for the shares. Hope to see some shares soon!


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Do the below Anchor stats look like it would trigger Penguin? My opinion was 'no chance' but I was recently told it might......


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Are you part of an SEO agency? Plagiarism should always be prevented before you publish your posts:

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Algoroo went high yesterday and I noticed quite a few fluctuations in the SERPs. Any ideas as to what the update was?
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