Wanna share your tools?
 I'm writing an article about the tools we're using (there will be a lecture on that subject as well soon) so I'm asking you to share your tools, or the tools you would recommend if you're using an in-house solution
1. Ranking checker 
2. Backlink checker
3. Disavow 
4. Broken Links
5. Outreach monitoring 
6. Hidden content in source code
7. Competitor research
8. Canonicals
9. Reporting

And anything else I might have missed here that you think would be a good tool to know.
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First and foremost their data is remarkably accurate. 

I can analyse competitor rankings, keywords, content, social activity, PPC either locally, nationally, internationally for desktop and mobile.

They have first class reporting, offer content and site structure optimisation based on their data insight.

It allows you to spot any up and coming competitors.

And lots more, it's a fantastic tool.

And just yesterday they won "Best SEO Software Suite" at the #eusearchawards , so I'd guess I'm not the alone thinking this.
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Feedback needed...

I'm doing an expert roundup on my blog I want to get input from as many community members as possible.

Here is the question:

If you could only use 3 tools for KW research, which 3 would you choose?

The answer can be a simple 3 bullet list,  or more info if you want to add context.

I'm going to publish the results on Tues or Wed. Already have over 40 responses. The results are surprising so far.

Please weigh in the comments below and include a link and Twitter handle if you want me to link to your site from within the roundup. 

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SEM Rush, Searchmetrics
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HrefLang International Indexing Problem - Help?

We have a site that’s launched for international targeting through sub folders, and have so far released the UK site (/en-gb/) and the RoW site (/en/). /en-gb/ has been targeted at the UK in GWT and EN not targeted at anything, as per Google guidelines (as we’re targeting EN speakers, but not UK). 

The thing is, the /en/ site is trumping the /en-gb/ in UK organic search nearly a month after go-live. Anyone out there have any ideas?

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Thanks for looking into this +William Harvey. You can see why we're a bit confused... 

Think we'll try the swaparound - will update this thread if it works!

Thanks again
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Does anyone know of a YEXT style equivalent for Australia? A service that allows you to manage all your local listings from the one profile ? Thanks
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Moz local I think is coming to Oz next month
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I have an e-commerce client with a brand page that's sitting on page 1.

This brand has now changed names and has a new page associated with its new name - as well as all the products having moved to this new page under the new brand (that's the way the CMS structures it, not my choice). So essentially the old page is still ranking for the old brand name, but it has no products on it. But people still search for the old brand page and it gets decent traffic.

Would you redirect the old (ranking) brand page to the new one? Or leave it live and simply link to the new brand page from it?

I'm thinking the latter.
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Agree with Dave. People will take longer to begin searching for the new brand, so you need to keep a landing page live for that. Redirecting would stop your page rendering in serps within a month or two.
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Question about redirects to new content...

I'm closing a blog and want to redirect most of the pages to a company site where we'll re-establish the blog. However, in most cases I'm going to want to rewrite the articles, maybe even consolidate the topics, to make them more appropriate (and conversion oriented) for the company site.

Let's say I took articles A, B, C from the blog and rewrote them into an article D that was published on the company site. For example's sake, assume that about 25% of each article was copied directly over to the new article, the remaining 25% of article D was copy that tied the three together.

Is it correct practice to create 301 redirects from A, B, C to D? Or is there a more appropriate approach? I guess where I'm confused is how a 301 is interpreted when the content on the other side of the redirect is not a copy of the original.
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+Ken Rohrer agree with +Randy Milanovic in this case. I'm building a similar page at the moment with a large list of brands in the UK, and I intend to nofollow them all. Otherwise I'd end up with about 150 links on one page, and this would probably send alarm bells.

Again, in situations like this - if your intention is good then don't worry too much. It's a genuinely useful page, and you are just nofollowing it to be safe.
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We have Excluded all our IPs in Google Analytics (15 approx individually, not in range). Still our booking and traffic is tracked in GA.

Here is the screenshoot. is everything right here or need some change.
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install this addon for every browser that you're using
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Hey guys, 

I've been seeing a lot of spam comments (you know the viagra cialis crew) on my posts and they started appearing the first time I opted for a click bait title.
This is a bit far fetched, but is there a way I might have triggered some "radar" with my post? Before this I had a nice readership who actually contributed with their comments and healthy discussions.

Could they be using a program that filters content by the number of shares or clicks, to find articles to spam? Any clue on what might have happened?
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Check to make sure spammers haven't placed any links on your site like through blog comments you accidentally approved, profile links, or forum posts. That can be a common cause for getting spam links to those pages.

So check the pages the spam links are linking to. It could be plain negative SEO but the pharma anchors suggest it's spammers doing tiered link spam to links they got on your site. It could be your site is hacked and has injected links on it or has user created spam links (blog comment links, etc...).
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Hello I would like to have your opinion about deindex pages from google.
According to you how long it takes to remove pages as soon as google crawled it? (using <meta name="robots" content="noindex" />)
And if the website is big and famous, does it take more time? (like a security period to allow the webmaster to correct it if he put the html tag by mistake)? Thanks!
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Thanks for your answers, I keep tracking the number of page in google index by url pattern. And  I'll do a feedback with a dashboard to tell you how long it took.
I am convinced that even for a large site google takes time to apply the change to its index.
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Hi Guys, 

Need a small Help, 

I have a project in Joomla with all links with index.php
I Removed index.php from URL's but unable to redirect the old url's to equivalent (old url's are in google SERP)

Now i have 2 copies of same url

Need a code to redirect them all using .htacess.

Tried a couple of codes but got error 500.
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Have you tried this one?

Redirect 301 / htttp://
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John Romaine

Questions  - 
Quick question...does anyone know of a tool (online or otherwise) that allows you to enter in a URL and have it check all of your internal linking to ensure there are no broken links or links pointing to non existent pages? I'm just looking at Screaming Frog and this doesn't appear to do what I want. Essentially I'd like some kind of report that says "broken link - points to non existent page" or something along those lines. Something that provides me with insights into any given websites internal linking structure. Cheers.
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SEM Rush has a site audit feature which does this
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XML sitemap question: what would be the impact of hosting XML sitemaps on a subdomain instead of on the main domain? Could this still work in terms of letting Google know about content on the site (talking about 50k URLs per sitemap and having many of these)? TIA.
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I'd personally list my pages on sitemaps that are placed on the same domain or subdomain. It would avoid any issues if some search engines require that.
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Jenny Munn

Questions  - 
Would love to hear ya'lls thoughts on sidebar links. 

I can't seem to find any articles supporting this, but I thought it was a known theory that site-wide sidebar links are mostly ignored by Google (kind of like footer links) and don't really pass along a lot of juice. Have you heard, tested or experienced this? 

Or, do you believe they count just the same as any other link on a page? Looking for any evidence to pass info along to a client. Thanks!
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Thanks John and Terry for chiming in. Appreciate it!
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Would your site become extra sensitive to penalties if you've been hit by a penalty previously? Say you were hit by Penguin for low quality links but you cleaned that up and recovered.. would you then be on Google's radar as a site to watch in case you do something else that might be penalty-worthy?
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What about a site that already has been hit by TWO manual penalties in the past. I've seen cases like this and worked on recovery.
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When I do a one of my money pages (rental listings page) is ranking on the second page. A lot of less valuable pages are showing above it. Does the fact this page is showing lower on page 2 when I do a site domain search mean there could be an issue?

Also, any ideas for building backlinks to a local rental (house and apartment) listing page? I have the company ranking #1 in local and organic for property management terms on both Google and Bing. However, the rental listing page is struggling middle/top of page 2. 

Note: Most of the first page real estate is occupied by the Zillows, Trulia and Craiglists, but there are 2 local competitors showing on page 1 for rental listing KWs (eg. [location] house rentals) even though they have lower DA & PA than the site I'm working with.

Any thoughts/ recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
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re page ordering.... seems to reflect the link hierarchy... ie home page the pages it links to.... followed by the pages that the second level links to...for the most part this srongly emulates the way the site is crawled and pages are discovered.

As to ranking these pages... tough as they are not going to draw links because of the content... I'd use a strategy similar to that used by job sites where they re-direct expiring pages to a static "job/profession page"... that would also work as a HUB page for the district/area the rental listing is in. This gives you a page that is static as well as open another set of KW terms that are likely far more valuable as people will almost always include a geo target in their real estate queries.
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Hey guys and girls, i need your help and i'm sorry if it sounds complicated.

The dev team is migrating a WP blog that lives in a Subdomain ( to Sitecore, using the latter CMS' blog module. 

The issue is that we are unable to have this 'Blog Module' as a subfolder, otherwise the dev team will need to make major changes to the current domain.

My questions is, if we were to rewirte the URLs at a server level, so they get automatically redirected to an SEO friendly URL structure (, what are the SEO implications?

I feel like there would be 2 sets of redirections happening: 301 to sitecore's (additional work is required to remove the 'date' levels apparently).


What would the SEO impacts be on this? 
Will the Link Value from the WP blog be transferred in full to the new URL?
Will Google and other Search Engines index the blog Subfolder final structured?

Once again, i'm sorry for the confusion, i'm still trying to make sense of it in my head.

Your advice will be greatly appreciate and if you think there is a different alternative, please let me know (e.g.: keep the subdomain and dont bother rewriting the URL).
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Thanks guys for your help. 
Just so you know, we have rewritten the Subdomain URLs at a server level to a new structure (the blog now looks like a subfolder). I have crawled the staging site and i'm getting a 200 HTTP response, which is great! 

Have mapped all the WP URLs and will 301 them  new URL structure. 

+John Romaine i agree, the extra levels are a waste, but this is out of my hands (have already recommended a different structure). 

+Nick Cavarretta thanks mate, will keep that in mind once we go live.

+James Norquay not at Next anymore, but i think they still do.
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Why big news websites don't get penalized for showing Javascript Advertising that covers all content for 10-15 seconds? And they use "Googlebot" UserAgent to skip displaying ads.

My example is with Business Insider:


+Barry Schwartz +John Mueller +DEJAN 
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Authority > Rules
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One of my client site has a issue with IP canonicalize issue. (Not URL)
This website sits on the share IP address with 302 others.
We did quite a bit job on it and everything looks fine SEO wise.
How ever we can get the result we were expecting.
Than finally we find the issue IP canonicalize. Host company is Host Gator. Website developed by Word Press.
No matter what we did with code to htaccess file..didn't solve the problem at all.
Than we went to ask help from Host Gator, but they haven't been very helpful at all.
All they suggesting is to move dedicated IP server.
But why on earth this issue come up with this particular website but not others? I mean I have another few website sitting on the share IP address and none of them has this problem.
Did any of you experience the same problem? If so how did you solve it? I don't believe moving dedicated IP server is the only solution at all.
Many websites now than has the same issue and they do solved this problem with code in to htaccess file. But why can't I?
Because a lots of money has been spent on particular "" but nothing shows because of IP canonicalize issue.
Love to hear expert suggestions.
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Mel Nelson I thought that too,Thats the last option for me right now.
Alistair thanks for the interest.
I will detail everything at below after answering guys in here to help me out.
Scott Hendison you are absolutely right. On live chat help with HostGator draw me nuts and I end up hang up on her.
Because they can't answer simple question but only repeat them self to buy. buy...... Like I don't know what is available out there to buy.
Perry Bernard Thank you. Yes you are absolutely right. thats why end up in here first time ever asking help.
At below you will see the total description of the problems for sure.
Andrea Moro thanks nate. 
After months of doing white hat seo I don't get result. And this is very first time ever happens to me.
I mean we are doing all we can do when it comes to Google friendly seo. Social media, authority site backlinks(not paid ones) citation tier 1-2 and 3 with all individual ip address and goes on and on....
When we try to check the result we don't see much the work we have done.
We receive, 12 thousand to 6 thousand per month traffic. because of our our backlinks from all different kind of platforms.
But when it comes to ranking nothing really shows up.

I knew my info wasn';t enough.
The URL has given to me to  work on was "
Than we start to work on as http://
Than we start to check out our progress from few analytic tools like "majestic seo-Ahrefs" so on.
It shows very little regards to input works has been done.(by Majestic SEO)
Ahrefs gives better result than Majestic at least.
If I do use those tools for "

With majestic seo: I got 
Page Title N/A
Last Crawl Result  HTTP_406_NotAcceptable

Getting bit deeper to find out the issue  HTTP_406_NotAcceptable

I end end up seeing this website ( has IP canonical issue.
After checking and testing the IP canonical I got this result. (below)

FAILED IP Canonicalization Test
Your site's IP does not redirect to your site's domain name. This could
cause duplicate content problems if a search engine indexes your site under both its IP
and domain name

In order to pass this test you must consider using a 301 re-write rule in your .htaccess file so
that your site's IP points to your domain name.
If your site is running on apache server, you could put these lines in your .htaccess after
RewriteEngine on line:
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^XXX\.XXX\.XXX\.XXXRewriteRule (.*)$1 [R=301,L]
Note that you must proper format the first line using your IP (replace X characters with proper
digits from your IP) and the second line using your domain name.

So..after having this result, I did exactly what ."How to fix" says.
And I did apply this code to my.htaccess file.
But there is no change at all.

I am not a kind of person know much about the codes and has never been my cup of tea.
However applying some simple codes like this one is ok.
If you asking Google indexing my site? Yes sure it does.

In GWM tool >

Index Status 0 (zero) it should be zero because there is 301 redirect to > Index Status 104 (awesome)
But I still believe, having IP canonical issue.prevents this site from ranking for sure.

If you do requiry more info I am happy to provide.
Thanks for the help.


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Any new hangouts coming up?
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HTML Sitemap structure question.
Is it better to go for:
1. one page with over 100 links
2. multiple pages, aiming to be under 100 links
3. one page with tabbed content (which would have been on multiple pages if you went that way).

I know every website is different but just considering sites like Trip Advisor who have a heap of pages that serve as sitemaps and then which has 1 page with a tonne of links... Trying to work out what sort of best practice there is right now.

John Romaine's profile photoKen Rohrer's profile photo
+John Romaine - Ooops, I missed the "sitemap" word in there.
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