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Duplicate Content in SEO is a common issue. How can you manage both External & Internal duplicate content?

Question for you guys

Has anyone had any experience with a domain being blocked by Search Engines due to censorship blocking in:

Middle Eastern Countries.

Does this blocking count as a penalty in Google AND if the domain is blocked if a redirect is in place does the SEO value that the established domain has gain transfer to a new domain?

Any help is appreciated!

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Hello fellow SEOr's. Can any of you provide any information on ASO ranking strategies as well as any help on getting a "Featured" listing within the App Stores?

I appreciate the help.

Thank you!

Can anyone answer this for me? Your help is greatly appeciated.

Our team is looking to update a few videos in our Youtube channel but are concerned that doing so will reset the current amount of views to 0 once the change has been made.

Would anyone happen to know if this happens or if the views remain the same? Also, how do the updates to the videos affect rank and visibility?

Thank you all for your help.

Has anyone carried out a HUGE website migration from HTTP to HTTPS? I'm talking in excess of 750,00 URLs.

I'm on a project to do just this... and I want to make sure I have my process right as this will also involve archiving old content and making it utilise the current website styling whilst newer content will use the new styling.

Of particular concern is the use of a beta subdomain in the process. The thinking is that we don't want to simply switch off the old site and turn on the new site - all traffic and ranking risks must be minimised and mitigated.

All advice is appreciated!

Any ideas why URLs with UTM parameters would appear in Google?

I have a question that falls into image or technical SEO...

Our CMS creates URL parameters for images based on the dimensions of the image. As different sized image are automatically created for different purposes, we end up with multiple URLS that are identical, except for the URL parameters e.g.


I have two questions:
1. If all of these are allowed to be crawled, is this duplicate content? (I think the answer is "Yes", but I want to check).
2. Assuming the answer to the above is "Yes", just how big of an issue is this? I'm trying to work out if this is a critical problem we should fix immediately, or is it typically a lower priority issue?

Any advice/tips/guidance from folks more experienced in this area would be hugely appreciated. :)

Is anyone there?

I have an SEO question and I thought I'd ask it here as this has been a great community but I haven't been here for a while. Is it just me or has everyone gone away? I can't see any recent posts no matter how I filter the view.

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