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I'm 99% sure that isn't effected by Penguin as my profile is clean and I'm always updating disavow with anything that doesn't look good. I'm about to build a brand new site because I can't put my finger on why my rankings declined, but would love a second opinion on my Penguin status. 

Is link juice passed to a blocked URL? Example, Page A links to page B but page B is blocked in robots.txt file. Should Page B link still be no followed when it is linked from Page A?

So about 2 months back one of my sites disappeared from Google for 2 main terms (business for sale and businesses fro sale). No other terms dropped. Even after today's Penguin traffic remained steady. My link profile is healthy/natural. Any ideas to help me find the issue would be awesome! 

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Algoroo 3.7 in the red today. Must be some kind of update with Google.

I have a site which has 'state, city and suburb' urls that display businesses for sale. I'm thinking of building a html sitemap to include all suburb urls so Google can find them as they are not hard coded, but the issue is that there are THOUSANDS of urls. Is there a limit on urls in a sitemap.html?

Does Panda look at url structure?


So one of my students has two identical websites.
One in Au and one in US.

The only difference is a few Zs versus S.

And they are both .com (the US version as the word US appended to the brand name)

The US version is outranking the AU version in Australia

Other than
- Localising content
- Checking hreflang tag
- Setting up geo targeting in search console
- hosting on a local IP
- links to local content and from local content
- Connecting / signing up to local search engines
- targeting local keywords

Any thing else I can do?
Would you recommend moving the au site to a address to differentiate more?

Hello all, just a quick one;

I'm thinking about implementing AMP on a clients website for one section which is a large collection of recipes. Going to include the amp stuff in a subdirectory under their current one. So -

Has anyone implemented AMP and seen any success? I.e increased engagement, lower BR, increased mobile rankings.

Also if you have implemented AMP are there any technical issues I should look out for? Perhaps something easily overlooked?


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I recently discovered thanks to +Terry Van Horne. What an awesome tool. Anyone else use it? 
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