Jijk: how I can tell when you're​ in my room at night
1# the dish TV box goes to green an red
2# then it stops
3# then three you go xdd😉 lzz

What should Jacks theme song be :3

Jijk: be sure to come into my room tonight lzz I Wana see them dark angle wings 😉 

Why the fuck am I up at 3am DX kms

Rudy: what do would you say if your setp sister really is laughing jill
Also my soul reaper captain wants to ask you something yuiok:...

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Rudy: which creepypasta from of me d-do you think is hotter most jijk are hiik 
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Suzêtté: hi i stole miss katie's phone while she's asleep so um i want to ask should katie go die? My daddy and mommy keep telling her to

Demon Rudy: demon kitten h-how do you get in my room at night 

Thanks for the invite!

Do you like Sushi?
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