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Taylor pokes her head into a house she was really in need of a weapon or two .. she quickly dashes in with out a sound she ducked into a closet both to hide and look. The was nothing good.. 'Oh wait an umbrella!' She thought. 'Staying dry, stabbing people with the tip, twisting weapons out of there hands, and just a good sudden scare' she hooked the umbrella on the purse strap on her backside so it didn't get in the way ... she slowly pokes the door back open .... ... she creeps out low to the ground and makes her way to the kitchen. The kitchen is a mess. 'Even if there was food it would be bad to eat' she move over to a cabinet and opens it to where it's not facing her. With nothing jumping out she slowly looks in... the she sees it. 'A frying pan!' She takes it and hold it like a bat. She hears the house creak 'hid!' She quickly and easily squishes herself under the counter into a small cabinet
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me pixle and shadow have an argument and split ways you see us and___

oppen rp

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Name- toby Erin Rogers

Nickname-ticci toby or twitchy ((doesn't like those names though))


Skills- sneaking,healing quick,can't feel pain, using hatchets

Likes-waffles,hatchets, friends,creepypasta,killing

Dislikes-talking about his past

Fears-going super crazy and kill all his friends


Weapons-2 hatchets

Personality-nice,one minute I'm sain one minute I'm crazy,weird, clumsy,twitchy,trouble maker


Bio-Toby grew up with several mental disorders during his childhood, making it difficult for him to fit in with "normal people". He was constantly bullied by his classmates for his tics and was ultimately deemed unsuited for a public school surrounding, so he switched to homeschooling. Although he had plenty of support from his mother and older sister Lyra, his father lost himself to alcohol, drugs and gambling, and started abusing his family.
When Toby was 17, he and his sister were involved in a tragic car accident resulting in Lyra's death. Toby's symptoms started to worsen because of this; he lost his appetite for food, slowly began to lose his memories, and became even less social than before. The Slender Man started to repeatedly stalk Toby afterwards in an attempt to turn him into a Proxy, and slowly does so by giving him strange visual and auditory hallucinations.
Toby eventually gives into the voices in his head and violently murders his father. In a desperate attempt to escape the police, he sets the neighborhood on fire as a distraction, but was quickly surrounded by the flames. He was about to give into his inevitable death when the Slender Man saved him as he was about to black out. When Toby woke up, all his memories of the past were taken by Slender Man and he became a loyal Proxy.
Even though Toby usually has an up-beat and hyper personality, he can be very sarcastic at times and he will sometimes lose control of his emotions due to his bipolar disorder. He can change from being very emotional to being angry or happy in an instant, making it very difficult to talk to him at times. Despite this, he can be friendly to certain people and he is a natural born trouble-maker

what hes fighting for-eh...freedom u could say

What brought him into the fight-a zombie tryed to kill me friends //idk XD//

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Name- Ben drowned

Nickname-benny or Glitchy

Age-18((making him older for this))

Likes-video games, killing,creepypasta


Weapon-guns and anything else


Bio-was a boy that got drowned by his father and uncle but then became a creepypasta
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Name- willow cipher
Age- 19
Bio- a demond that ran off to the human world
Likes- her family,friends,magic,helping people
Dislikes- the oppocilps,fighting much,people getting hurt
team- //oppen//
 What their fighting for- myself my friends my family and my mom..
 How thay got in the fight- thay took my sister..and both my brothers...then later pinetree...
Weapons- her powers (also a healer)
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Give me runs to his home and walks to his weapon. And packed up and ready to get out of the town but the town was quarantined and no one can leave
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Name: Star Belongia Enkienshmit
Age: 22
Bio: Can't remember and don't care
Likes: surviving, guns, ammo, Peace
Dislikes: Zombies and traitors.
Survivor rank:Loner
Fighting for: Herself.
How she got in the fight: She walked outside to see her brother sky being eaten by a zombie.
Weapons: Pistols x10 one in each pocket, Knife, Crow bar.
Nicknames: Estrella, Enky, Shmit, Kien, Stareh, Sta sta, Ar, St.
Skills: Sneaking, Stealth, The Force.

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I'm looking for people to fight with....please... I have alot to shair...and we will go farther if we work together...just come to see bace..


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Name ghillieman man
age 14
likes modern rock; techno, anime, animals,nature walks, kayaking ,and killing a whole lot of zombies
dislikes seen a friend died right in front of us face personality: Defendor, kind friend ,little bit Corky
Bio: File classified
weapon: dual swords, ak 47, and a rifle ,and knives
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