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Has everyone managed to get tickets? c:

omg how expensive are the tickets?! D':

Hello, I'm korean inspirit :D I am now in the UK and I'm going to stay here for about 3 months. I'm going to a infinite concert O.G.S in London. So I want to make friends with brithish inspirit!

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Hello guys, how are you all? :D
I want to ask if what plans do we have for uri boys at the concert like the FANCHARTS, BANNERS, GIFTS? AND THE MOST IMPORTANT, I THINK IS HOW DO WE END THEIR CONCERT IN LONDON???

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Wednesday 27th November 2013 - Infinite One Great Step in London!

Does anyone know when and where tickets are going on sale

I heard it was ticketmaster but im not sure

ahh~ I only found out about this now T_T eyy~ I'm slow ><

Hi guys, I'm a bit late to join, but I made it anyway haha. I just found out today that the two friends I was planning on going with are ditching the concert for supershow5, so I'm kind of on the fence about whether I still want to go or not, since I don't really feel like going by myself. Anyone having the same problem?
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