White - Spells of Healing and Protection
Green - Spells of Nature and Animals
Black - Spells of Death and Necromancy
Blue  - Spells of Guile, Illusion, and the element of Water
Red   - Spells of Emotion, and the elements of Fire and Earth

Basalt Monolith - Created on leylines the basalt monoliths were created in the ancient past and the secrets of their creation long forgotten. Their locations are often fought over by kingdoms that surround them as the first spell cast within the stone circle is treated as 3 levels higher. This effect is only available once per day.

Black Lotus - These flowers are extremely rare growing only in remote locations and well guarded by fierce lotus dragons. When dried and the oil distilled this creates a powerful potion that if inbibed by a spellcaster increases their spell casting ability by 3 levels for 24 hours.

Crystal Rod - When held any spell cast within 20ft that falls into the blue catagory will absorb some of the spells energy and provide 1 HP of healing to the wearer.

Disrupting Scepter - A +1 mace that may be wielded 2 handed that on hit causes the target to make a save vs spells or lose a random prepared spell for the day.

Force Field Ring - 3 times per day this ring reduces all damage dealt to the wearer to just a single point for a single combat round. The activation only requires a thought and thus can be activated after a hit has been confirmed but before damage has been rolled.

Gauntlets of Might - The wearer of these spiked gauntlets, once the prized possession of a great orc chieftian generates Combat Aura 1 (gain +1 hit/damage and -1(+1) AC) within 30ft affecting goblins and orcs. All goblins and orcs who gaze upon the wearer must make a save or be treated as if charmed.

Iron Star - When held any spell cast within 20ft that falls into the red catagory will absorb some of the spells energy and provide 1 HP of healing to the wearer.

Ivory Cup - When held any spell cast within 20ft that falls into the white catagory will absorb some of the spells energy and provide 1 HP of healing to the wearer.

Kormus Bell - A large heavy bell that when rung causes all non buried corpses in a mile radius to rise up as skeletons and move at full speed torwards the bells location.

Mox Emerald - An amulet that increases the spell casting power of the wearer +1 level in regards to spells falling into the green catagory
Mox Jet - An amulet that increases the spell casting power of the wearer +1 level in regards to spells falling into the black catagory
Mox Pearl - An amulet that increases the spell casting power of the wearer +1 level in regards to spells falling into the white catagory
Mox Ruby - An amulet that increases the spell casting power of the wearer +1 level in regards to spells falling into the red catagory
Mox Sapphire  - An amulet that increases the spell casting power of the wearer +1 level in regards to spells falling into the blue catagory

Nevinyrral's Disk - Created by a lich king in ages past, this disk when thrown will activate 1 combat round later in utter destruction dealing sucking in all magical energy creating an anti-magic field for 1d10 years in a 40ft radius. This causes 1d6 damage to all caught in this radius for every year of magic stripped from the area.

Rod of Ruin -  3 times per day this rod with a ghastly face can direct a un-erring bolt of black energy that deals 1d6 damage to its target.

Throne of Bone - Any one sitting on this throne when any spell cast within 20ft that falls into the black catagory will absorb some of the spells energy and provide 1 HP of healing to the wearer.

Wooden Sphere -  When held any spell cast within 20ft that falls into the green catagory will absorb some of the spells energy and provide 1 HP of healing to the wearer.


Balduvian Dead
Diseased Vermin
Insidious Bookworms (v. 2)
Keeper of Tresserhorn  
Krovikan Horror    
Lim-Dûl's High Guard (v. 2)
Phantasmal Fiend (v. 2)
Soldevi Adnate (v. 2)
Stromgald Spy      
Swamp Mosquito (v. 1)    


Benthic Explorers (v. 2)  
Phantasmal Sphere   
Soldevi Heretic (v.1)  
Soldevi Sage (v. 2)
Spiny Starfish   
Storm Crow (v. 2)
Storm Elemental  
Viscerid Drone   


Deadly Insect (v. 2)   
Elvish Bard   
Elvish Ranger (v. 2)   
Elvish Spirit Guide
Fyndhorn Druid (v. 2)    
Gargantuan Gorilla  
Gorilla Berserkers (v. 2)  
Gorilla Chieftain (v. 1)
Yavimaya Ancients (v. 2)
Yavimaya Ants     

Agent of Stromgald (v. 1)
Balduvian Horde      
Balduvian War-Makers (v. 1)
Chaos Harlequin     
Enslaved Scout (v. 2)   
Gorilla Shaman (v. 1)
Rogue Skycaptain    
Soldier of Fortune    
Storm Shaman (v. 2)      
Varchild's Crusader (v. 2)
Varchild's War-Riders    

Carrier Pigeons (v. 1)
Ivory Gargoyle          
Juniper Order Advocate   
Kjeldoran Escort (v. 2)  
Kjeldoran Home Guard  
Kjeldoran Pride (v. 1)   
Noble Steeds (v. 2)  
Royal Herbalist (v. 2)   
Seasoned Tactician  
Sustaining Spirit    
Sworn Defender        
Wild Aesthir (v. 2)    

Aesthir Glider (v. 1)   
Phyrexian Devourer       
Phyrexian War Beast (v. 2)
Shield Sphere      
Soldevi Digger    
Soldevi Sentry (v. 1)    
Soldevi Steam Beast (v. 2)  
Urza's Engine    
Whirling Catapult    


Lim-Dûl's Paladin   
Lim-Dûl's Vault   
Lord of Tresserhorn    
Wandering Mage   



Battering Ram
Clay Statue    
Clockwork Avian
Colossus of Sardia
Dragon Engine
Grapeshot Catapult
Mishra's War Machine
Primal Clay
Urza's Avenger
Wall of Spears
Yotian Soldier


Phyrexian Gremlins
Priest of Yawgmoth
Xenic Poltergeist
Yawgmoth Demon


Sage of Lat-Nam


Argothian Pixies
Argothian Treefolk
Citanul Druid    
Gaea's Avenger


Dwarven Weaponsmith
Goblin Artisans
Orcish Mechanics


Argivian Archaeologist
Argivian Blacksmith
Martyrs of Korlis



Balduvian Fallen     
Chilling Shade     
Disciple of Tevesh Szat     
Garza's Assassin     
Gristle Grinner     
Gutless Ghoul     
Herald of Leshrac     
Krovikan Scoundrel     
Martyr of Bones     
Phobian Phantasm     
Rimebound Dead     
Stromgald Crusader     
Tresserhorn Skyknight     
Void Maw     
Zombie Musher     

Adarkar Windform     
Arcum Dagsson     
Balduvian Frostwaker     
Frost Raptor     
Krovikan Mist     
Martyr of Frost     
Rimefeather Owl     
Rimewind Cryomancer     
Rimewind Taskmage     
Ronom Serpent     
Survivor of the Unseen     
Vexing Sphinx     


Allosaurus Rider     
Arctic Nishoba     
Aurochs Herd     
Boreal Centaur     
Boreal Druid     
Brooding Saurian     
Bull Aurochs     
Frostweb Spider     
Karplusan Strider     
Martyr of Spores     
Ohran Viper     
Panglacial Wurm     
Rimehorn Aurochs     
Ronom Hulk     
Sheltering Ancient     
Simian Brawler     
Steam Spitter     


Balduvian Warlord     
Earthen Goo     
Goblin Furrier     
Goblin Rimerunner     
Greater Stone Spirit     
Karplusan Minotaur     
Karplusan Wolverine     
Lightning Serpent     
Lovisa Coldeyes     
Martyr of Ashes     
Ohran Yeti     
Orcish Bloodpainter     
Rimescale Dragon     
Stalking Yeti     


Adarkar Valkyrie     
Boreal Griffin     
Field Marshal     
Jotun Grunt     
Jotun Owl Keeper     
Kjeldoran Gargoyle     
Kjeldoran Javelineer     
Kjeldoran Outrider     
Martyr of Sands     
Ronom Unicorn     
Squall Drifter     
Surging Sentinels     
Ursine Fylgja     
Wall of Shards     
White Shield Crusader     
Woolly Razorback     


Phyrexian Ironfoot     
Phyrexian Snowcrusher     
Phyrexian Soulgorger     


Blizzard Specter     
Deepfire Elemental     
Diamond Faerie     
Garza Zol
Juniper Order Ranger     
Wilderness Elemental     
Zur the Enchanter    


Bronze Horse    
Marble Priest    

Carrion Ants    
Cosmic Horror    
Cyclopean Mummy    
Evil Eye of Orms-by-Gore
Fallen Angel    
Ghosts of the Damned    
Giant Slug
Headless Horseman    
Hell's Caretaker
Infernal Medusa
Lesser Werewolf
Lost Soul    
Mold Demon    
Pit Scorpion    
Shimian Night Stalker
Vampire Bats    
Walking Dead    
Wall of Putrid Flesh    
Wall of Shadows
Wall of Tombstones
The Wretched    

Azure Drake    
Brine Hag    
Devouring Deep    
Elder Spawn    
Psionic Entity
Segovian Leviathan
Time Elemental
Wall of Vapor    
Wall of Wonder    
Zephyr Falcon    

Aisling Leprechaun
Barbary Apes    
Cat Warriors    
Cocoon    Enchant
Craw Giant    
Durkwood Boars    
Elven Riders    
Emerald Dragonfly
Fire Sprites
Floral Spuzzem    
Giant Turtle
Hornet Cobra    
Ichneumon Druid    
Killer Bees
Master of the Hunt
Moss Monster
Pixie Queen    
Pradesh Gypsies
Rabid Wombat    
Radjan Spirit    
Shelkin Brownie
Whirling Dervish
Willow Satyr    
Wolverine Pack
Wood Elemental    

Ærathi Beserker
Beasts of Bogardan
Blazing Effigy
Crimson Kobolds    
Crimson Manticore
Crookshank Kobolds
Firestorm Phoenix
Frost Giant    
Hyperion Blacksmith    
Kobold Drill Sergeant    
Kobold Overlord
Kobold Taskmaster    
Kobolds of Kher Keep
Mountain Yeti
Primordial Ooze
Quarum Trench Gnomes
Raging Bull    
Spinal Villain    
Tempest Efreet    
Wall of Dust    
Wall of Earth    
Wall of Heat    
Wall of Opposition

Akron Legionnaire
Amrou Kithkin    
Clergy of the Holy Nimbus
D'Avenant Archer    
Elder Land Wurm    
Ivory Guardians    
Keepers of the Faith
Osai Vultures    
Petra Sphinx    
Righteous Avengers
Thunder Spirit    
Tundra Wolves    
Wall of Caltrops
Wall of Light    

Adun Oakenshield
Angus Mackenzie    
Arcades Sabboth    
Axelrod Gunnarson
Ayesha Tanaka    
Barktooth Warbeard    
Bartel Runeaxe    
Boris Devilboon    
Dakkon Blackblade    
Gabriel Angelfire    
Gosta Dirk    
Gwendyln Di Corci    
Hazezon Tamar    
Hunding Gjornersen    
Jacques le Vert    
Jasmine Boreal    
Jedit Ojanen    
Jerrard of the Closed Fist    
Kasimir the Lone Wolf    
Kei Takahashi    
Lady Caleria    
Lady Evangela    
The Lady of the Mountain    
Lady Orca    
Livonya Silone    
Lord Magnus    
Marhault Elsdragon    
Nicol Bolas    
Pavel Maliki    
Princess Lucrezia    
Ramirez DePietro    
Ramses Overdark    
Rasputin Dreamweaver    
Riven Turnbull    
Rohgahh of Kher Keep    
Rubinia Soulsinger    
Sir Shandlar of Eberyn    
Sivitri Scarzam    
Sol'kanar the Swamp King    
Sunastian Falconer    
Tetsuo Umezawa    
Tobias Andrion    
Tor Wauki    
Torsten Von Ursus    
Tuknir Deathlock    
Vaevictis Asmadi    
Xira Arien    

Alpha/Beta/Unlimited Artifacts:

Ankh of Mishra     
Black Vise     
Celestial Prism     
Chaos Orb     
Copper Tablet     
Cyclopean Tomb     
Dingus Egg     
Glasses of Urza     
Helm of Chatzuk     
Howling Mine     
Icy Manipulator     
Illusionary Mask     
Jade Monolith     
Jade Statue     
Jayemdae Tome     
Library of Leng     
Mana Vault     
Sol Ring     
Soul Net     
Sunglasses of Urza     
The Hive     
Time Vault     
Winter Orb     

Arabian Knights list

Cuombajj Witches    
Erg Raiders (a)           
Guardian Beast            
Hasran Ogress (a)        
Junún Efreet               
Juzám Djinn             
Khabál Ghoul              
Sorceress Queen          
Stone-Throwing Devils (b)   
Flying Men             
Giant Tortoise (a)     
Island Fish Jasconius     
Merchant Ship             
Old Man of the Sea          
Serendib Djinn              
Serendib Efreet            
Erhnam Djinn              
Ghazbán Ogre                
Ifh-Bíff Efreet            
Naf's Asp (b)               
Singing Tree                
Wyluli Wolf (a)             
Ali Baba                  
Ali from Cairo              
Bird Maiden (a)              
Desert Nomads                 
Hurr Jackal                  
Kird Ape                      
Mijae Djinn                  
Rukh Egg (a)               
Ydwen Efreet                
Abu Ja'far                   
King Suleiman              
Moorish Cavalry (a)          
Repentant Blacksmith      
War Elephant (a)          
Brass Man              
Dancing Scimitar          
Ebony Horse          

Fallen Empires

Armor Thrull (v. 1)              
Basal Thrull (v. 1)              
Ebon Praetor                      
Initiates of the Ebon Hand (v. 1)   
Mindstab Thrull (v. 3)              
Necrite (v. 3)                     
Order of the Ebon Hand (v. 3)       
Thrull Champion                    
Thrull Retainer                    
Thrull Wizard                       

Deep Spawn                       
Homarid (v. 4)                   
Homarid Shaman                   
Homarid Spawning Bed             
Homarid Warrior (v. 3)             
Merseine (v. 4)                  
River Merfolk                    
Svyelunite Priest                 
Vodalian Knights                 
Vodalian Mage (v. 1)                
Vodalian Soldiers (v. 4)           
Vodalian War Machine              


Elvish Farmer                       
Elvish Hunter (v. 3)               
Elvish Scout (v. 3)                 
Feral Thallid                       
Spore Flower                        
Thallid (v. 4)                     
Thallid Devourer                  
Thelonite Druid                    
Thelonite Monk                     
Thorn Thallid (v. 4)              

Brassclaw Orcs (v. 1)            
Dwarven Armorer                    
Dwarven Catapult                    
Dwarven Lieutenant                  
Dwarven Soldier (v. 3)             
Goblin Chirurgeon (v. 3)            
Goblin Flotilla                     
Goblin Kites                        
Orcish Captain                     
Orcish Spy (v. 3)                  
Orcish Veteran (v. 4)               
Raiding Party                       

Combat Medic (v. 1)              
Farrel's Zealot (v. 3)           
Farrelite Priest                   
Hand of Justice                    
Icatian Infantry (v. 4)           
Icatian Javelineers (v. 3)        
Icatian Lieutenant                  
Icatian Moneychanger (v. 3)       
Icatian Phalanx                     
Icatian Priest                      
Icatian Scout (v. 4)               
Icatian Skirmishers                
Order of Leitbur (v. 3)           

Here is the list of monsters from Alpha/Beta/Unlimited

There is obviously several that already have D&D counterparts but I am still providing the list so as to be complete.


Black Knight                         
Bog Wraith                           
Demonic Hordes                       
Drudge Skeletons                  
Frozen Shade                         
Hypnotic Specter                     
Lord of the Pit                          
Nether Shadow                      
Nettling Imp                        
Plague Rats                          
Royal Assassin                      
Scathe Zombies                       
Scavenging Ghoul                     
Sengir Vampire                       
Wall of Bone                         
Zombie Master                        

Air Elemental                        
Lord of Atlantis                     
Mahamoti Djinn                          
Merfolk of the Pearl Trident         
Phantasmal Forces                        
Phantom Monster                      
Pirate Ship                         
Prodigal Sorcerer                    
Sea Serpent                          
Vesuvan Doppelganger                
Wall of Air                          
Wall of Water                        
Water Elemental                      


Birds of Paradise                        
Craw Wurm                              
Elvish Archers                       
Force of Nature                      
Giant Spider                      
Grizzly Bears                        
Ironroot Treefolk                    
Ley Druid                         
Llanowar Elves                       
Scryb Sprites                             
Shanodin Dryads                      
Thicket Basilisk                        
Timber Wolves                        
Verduran Enchantress             
Wall of Brambles                     
Wall of Ice                          
Wall of Wood                             
War Mammoth                          


Dragon Whelp                           
Dwarven Demolition Team         
Dwarven Warriors                     
Earth Elemental                         
Fire Elemental                       
Goblin Balloon Brigade                   
Goblin King                          
Granite Gargoyle                   
Gray Ogre                               
Hill Giant                              
Hurloon Minotaur                     
Ironclaw Orcs                        
Keldon Warlord                   
Mons's Goblin Raiders                
Orcish Artillery                     
Orcish Oriflamme                        
Roc of Kher Ridges                       
Rock Hydra                           
Sedge Troll                             
Shivan Dragon                        
Stone Giant                         
Two-Headed Giant of Foriys           
Uthden Troll                         
Wall of Fire                         
Wall of Stone                           


Benalish Hero                        
Guardian Angel                       
Mesa Pegasus                         
Northern Paladin                     
Pearled Unicorn                  
Personal Incarnation           
Samite Healer                       
Savannah Lions                         
Serra Angel                          
Veteran Bodyguard                    
Wall of Swords                           
White Knight                           


Clockwork Beast     
Living Wall             
Obsianus Golem          

For stats on monsters I was thinking of working with the big 3 (S&W, LL, and OSRIC) I am pretty confident in my stating ability for S&W but if any one who joins who is good with LL or OSRIC your input on conversion would be greatly appreciated.
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