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Listen to one of the soundtracks from Spacewolf on Soundcloud:

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I am giving out promo codes again! These will give you unlimited credits / lives + invulnerability. Hurry up, codes are redeemable until 31th of March only.


(After the redeem you get an extra half transparent button accessible from the bottom-left corner of the main screen.)

Version 1.35 is available to download.

Change log:
- fix: various bug fixes

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Listen to my exclusive remix of Falling Horizon that I made for the forthcoming Unreal Tournament 4 game:

Version 1.34 is available to download.

Change log:
- change: tip about how to unlock the last level Andromeda is shown on the Game Over screen when you complete the level Neptune without having an upgraded jump drive
- fix: various bug fixes

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Article on Edamame Reviews:

This is in reference to Joseph's question about one's favorite feature of the game. For some reason, some of my comments are not showing up publicly in the thread so I've decided to post my comments in their entirety in this post instead.


It would be the ability to upgrade the user's ship with a variety of technology options via researching on the technology and then applying the upgrades to the user's ship.

However, after some initial gameplays, I recommend that it would be nice to combine the researching and upgrading into one feature because upgrading can be very slow to begin with.

I understand there is the CPU Extension to speed up times but still the upgrade times for the upgrades to the ships' hardware and arsenal can be excruciatingly slow to deal with sometimes (eg waiting for 40 minutes for an Engine upgrade!) Because of these wait times I usually quit the game and spend my time on something else.

If you want to keep the players in the game I would highly recommend reducing the wait times when applying these upgrades. In my opinion, they should be instant the moment you select upgrade. But if you really want wait times in your game then I would suggest 2-3 mins max. People have other things to do and they simply can't afford to wait, that's the way life goes. By lessening the wait times or simply eliminating them, you'll have more people spend more time on your game and allow them to enjoy playing the levels.

A question for Spacewolf players:

If you had to pick one feature that is your most favorite part of the game, what would it be?

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I am giving out 10 Promo Codes for my Spacewolf game. If you redeem the code on Google Play you get extra options in the game (unlimited lives and credits + invulnerability). It is on first come first serve basis, so be quick and grab your code now :) If you already have a code but you know someone who would like the game you may give the code to him/her...


Link to the game:

Have fun!

I have updated my Lightphaser Loopbox application to version 1.4 on Google Play Store.

Change log:
- new feature: application may be moved to the external storage
- change: min. requirements have changed to Android phone, Kitkat 4.4, API level 19
- change: privacy policy is accessible from the help window
- fix: various minor fixes
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