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Our new episode of TekThing is out! Check it out below.
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Wow, just found your show. Awesome!

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Please help me by voting in this poll.
What Phone should I get?

Nextbit ($169 w/o cable and charger) -

Axon 7 mini (Black Friday Best buy - $199) -
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Nextbit Robin
Axon 7 mini

Patrick Norton Can a beer cooler computer be built?

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How do you add the TekThing podcast to Google new Podcast player?

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+patrick norton and +Shannon Morse

Would you recommend getting a Steam Link to play my steam games on my TV or something like a refurbished Dell like this with a HDMI out.

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I have an interesting project to solve and I need some help! I am looking to buy/build a universal remote control for my home theater set up. There is a bit of a twist though...

I have a pretty standard home theater set up (AppleTV, Xbox One and ChromeCast with OTA TV via my Xbox One). The kicker is that I do not have a normal "receiver" as I have a Bose Lifestyle 20 system that is about 20 years old. So far, I have not been able to find a universal remote that works since the Bose remote is RF while all of the rest of the components are IR.

My questions are:
1) Does a RF/IR universal remote exist? (I haven't found one yet).
2) If one does not exist, is there a way I can build one? (I'm looking at you Raspberry Pi)


+Shannon Morse+patrick norton​ Good place to buy flash drives in bulk on the cheap? Want to do many projects with them from installation drives to VM drives.

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