frack... i tried to kill chell a bunch of times because she pissed me off, and i just CAN'T while she has the portal gun... so it gives me an idea... i need to bring back another test subject, trick them to trust me, and then get them an arsenal of misseles and bombs, and TEAR THE SHREADS OUT OF SHREDS OF A GURL

rick... i broke the rules to piss you off! runs away as fast as possible

On October 11th, gonna have a day of silence for our troops used to fight those damned terrorists.

Oh!  Is it really that time of year again, oh, how time flies.  Anyways, happy Explosion Day, everyone!

Well, that was close, almost forgot my password! I tried everything. Lasers, rockets, explosions, prettyladies, BrunoMa-... never-mind...

Just made some new post thingies, what do you think should be next GLaDOS?

Saying  to everyone, GLaDOS got the new promotion to moderator. Think she'll do a great job.

Hey Rick, are we gonna get to fight mantis men, or should we leave that to the other test subjects?

+GLaDOS May I have a break from testing to adventure with Rick?

So yeah, new community, just saying, pretty dangerous place here. You never know what will pop up!
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