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Alright you lazy fuckers and fuckees, we need this community active as of now, this place is a damn wasteland, we can do whatever we want hers and yet nobody will even post, come on guys, lets step it up!

Hey, can I advertise my Community on here? I'd like to have more than 77 Members in my community. There's a decent amount of hentai on there, along with a section for RPs.

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[[Forgot to mention before resharing, but this is mainly for submissive RPers, as the character eventually has enough of the female character.]]
[[Before you read, if your more interested in a fantasy type RP, look at my previous RP I made! Also the rules!]]
•Females only!
•6-8 lines at minimum more are preferable however
•MUST be okay with pregnancy

Family, a precious bond between people. A group of individuals directly, or maybe even indirectly related to one another. But in most families it's comprised of loving mothers and fathers, and their children. Well... "most" is the key word.
In this family, love is an act between the children, as to not get in trouble. Our mother is in her early 20's and already pregnant with her second child, me. During her pregnancy though, her boyfriend, and soon to be fiancé broke up with her, and ran away to his family in Canada, avoiding responsibility.
After such an event, her life was a train wreck, it's not easy being a single mom, much less a single mom of soon to be two, but she couldn't just give up her children, she loved he baby girl, and could tell she'd love her baby boy just as much. As a result, as soon as she could get out for maternity leave, she started two part-time jobs to help pay for her children's needs.

She had successfully done so for many years, and now she was happy they were both old enough for kindergarten, so she could take early morning shifts. But what she didn't know was that was exactly when Alexander, her son, needed her the most. When kindergarten started, she woke [[Y/N]] up first, and left by 7am. The bus didn't arrive till 8. Now one would assume that she'd simple wake up her brother, and get the day started. But she had a lingering hatred. She was always a mama's girl, and thought that both of them had a hard time only because Alexander was there. So when your given power, and have overflowing hatred, what do you do? You take it out on the source. Alexander was beaten, bullied, and humiliated by his sister. Since their mother was always working, she could never notice the bruises left behind on his shoulders, or back, and a bloody nose was easy to hide with time.

Now, one would assume that she'd stop when she was older, but she didn't. It was such a rush to feel like you are in power over someone that doesn't try and stop you. With time it only got worse, and worse since she thought they were growing independent fast, and took night shifts since they didn't need constant monitoring.
Her acts of abuse went anywhere from holding the bathroom up before school, so he was uncomfortable, to mounting him at night, and beating him. However all things come to an end, though, this one was especially late. Both of them were now on summer vacation, and in 4 months would be seniors in high school. Their lives were much better then before situational wise. They now had their own rooms inside a proper house, instead of a two room trailer. Heck, even the upstairs rooms were sound proof! Though that worked against Alexander, since their mother most certainly couldn't hear him now. But not only had their house changed, but they themselves had as well, Alexander was almost a living gentle giant at 6'2, and his sister was quite popular, and attractive. But one thing didn't change, her attitude towards her brother. And with an 18 year old mind, it was much easier to insult and tease him now.

[] Roleplay can start at anytime; night or day, have fun~ []
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[[Prepare yourself for a long read! Maybe a bit too long.... anyways this RP goes into chronological order, as it's basically the steps of a story. If you like the character and the scenario around them, just ask to play as that person, also if you'd like we can backtrack the RP back a bit to a starting point you like]]

[[Now for the fun part, the rules]]
•Females Only
•Minimum of 6 lines, but I'd like more.
•No "God Mod" in RP, as in doing anything that just seems illogical with no setup i.e "Gets out from under him." Or "Runs away faster then you can run." If there's a proper reason, please go ahead and do it if you want though.

"The Unholy Man, Blessed by the Gods"

Everyone fantasizes about worlds with; swords and magic, humans and non-human. But it's not always as good as we think it would be.
It is certainly the year 986 of the Blessed Calendar. The world is governed by 12 gods, with 3 apostles each to communicate with the people down below. The world of the mortals is made of 8 main continents, each relatively close to the island of Origins, where it is said that the last, the 13th goddesses descended to, and created life.
From this goddess plants, animals, and beast sprang forth. After many years the first intelligent humanoid species came along, the Elves. They were simple creatures at the time, but the goddess fell in love with the creatures, and gifted them divine beauty, and power. Not far after the demons were next, and gifted the weak creatures they once were with strong bodies, and powerful pride. The 3rd race was drastically different from the others, not appearance wise, but how they acted. They loved other animals as much, if not more then the goddess did. So she gifted them with the power to look like them, so they were called Beast people. The cycle continued seemingly countlessly. That is till the 12th race was found. This species accidentally ignored, even though they were as old as the beastmen. The goddess felt guilty for ignoring the poor species and bestowed it a gift to have the craftiest hands, to see in the dark, innovation like no other, and loved by the earth. But when she presented the gift the creature ran away. The goddess yelled for it to come back, but it didn't listen. That is until a few moments had passed, she heard rustling behind her. It was the 12th species again, but it had something on its back. When the goddess presented her gift again the creature shook its head in refusal. The goddess was shocked, none of the others had refused her gift. But the bigger shock came after she asked why they were so adamant about refusing her blessing. The creature pulled out a child, the 13th species and simply said "Them first." The goddess was swayed by the creatures pure heart. She gave the child the blessing previously prepared, and so the dwarves were born. Immediately afterwards she knelt down to the species and said she'd give them a very special gift, but soon she realized she had already given out all the ones she had! The goddess let a tear fall, as she had no unique gift to give to this species. The species said to the goddess, *"I'm alright, I don't need anything special."** it was at that time she gave the last species a gift, she gave the name "Humans" to the species, and for their gift she said. "You can be whatever you want." And with this gift, the humans could Fight, use magic, innovate, live, love, and so much more.

But to every good, there is of course the Bad. "The Beast; Creatures, The Dreaded, Sorrowers, Monsters," and many other names. They were around as long as the elves, the first race, and unlike animals had a brain capable of intellect. So what made them different from the races? Bloodlust. Quite simply they were savages who even after the goddess reached out to them, they clawed at the hand that reached out. Even to this day those... "things" take up the 3rd largest continent in the world "Môrganvasht" named after early explorers came back half dead saying those words.

But not only is it the 3rd continent, and the seas around it, they still pop up amongst all the other continents somehow. The creatures don't need to breed, as they can just manifest, so even with an extermination, they'll just keep come back. Even the god's couldn't stop them from spawning. So if you can't stop the problem, keep treating the problem. But for the gods it was almost impossible to slay every creature, and govern the natural laws of the world. So they gave even more power to the inhabitants of the planet they governed. While the gods were strong but few, the races were weak, but in many, so if they were stronger they could protect themselves and others.

And with the power, the races faithfully started to defend themselves. However, almost like siblings, they started to have petty fights, that turned into wars. And that is the birth of nations. Each race took their own lands, and made alliances. Dwarves hated the Elves, but liked humans. Elves thought humans were Okay, but hated dwarves and the demons, and so forth.

Of course much like our own world, when different nations are made, people become resentful, racist, and believe they are almost always, if not all the time, in the right. There was also those who believe they were doing the right thing, those who helped out, and those that did as they pleased. The Kingdom of Valine was one that did as they pleased, and is where the story starts.

~~~~~~~~Backstory Over~~~~~~~~

In the kingdom of Valine, your class is proportionate to your power; physically, magically, financially, connection, etc. As such it would be common since to think that the king/queen are the most powerful people in their country. But it is not the case, for one Magical Knight holds more authority.

When Valine fought the countless races, and faction that inhabited the 5th continent [Roughly the size of Australia] for power, there was 8 key players in the conquest. One person who was previously a private mercenary for the dukedom of Seddleworse truly shined and grew. His name was Alexander Vinaci, a name that now a days either strikes your body with a cold chill, or heats the hearts of those who wish to be like him.

But there is a side that many do not know of this hero. Before he was recognized for his impressive achievements he was Division Commander of the Eastern Coast's Anti-Monster Unit or the AMU for short. Which while that may not sound like a big deal since he was a hero, it's what he did when he was a commander that would ruin the lives of many women.

The commander was a good man at one point, killing only when needed, saving the people from monsters, and not asking for anything in return. But when things accumulate, things just... break. What broke was his good will "Why must I be the one?" "They do not even thank me anymore." "Another good man was lost today..." These types of thoughts haunted Alexander for close to an entire year during the power struggle for the 5th continent

His job was too big, winning over the entire eastern coast's people by helping around, killing monsters, train the recruits, do patrolling, and so much more. The pay was terrible, and he barely got 5 hours of sleep every Knight. But the worst part was there was no place for him to vent his stress. He couldn't go to the taverns since his job never gave him a day off, he had no privacy, and he couldn't let his men see him do anything with a prostitute, as it was "Unknightly" even though his "knight" title was only there for necessity, not that he actually cared for it.

This is where the journey starts for the elf.

It was back when he was but a commander of a unit, his strength hadn't made its way known to the higher ups. He went to a holy village that many went to as a pilgrimage. Once there he evacuated a town from a goblin hoard. But after he slaughtered the monsters, they took a bad loss. The commander issued out flawless orders, but some of the soldiers, prideful in knowing they had killed a measly three or so goblins, rushed in, breaking formation, and caused the entire left flank to be annihilated. Coming back to the village in grievance for the brave soldiers that listened to him, hatred to the idiots, and overall anger at this worthless mission, he laid his eyes on a dark elf. She was a beauty that rivaled even someone with money to buy the best makeups in the world. He had told the citizens to evacuate, after all that's what the entire mission was about, to save the people. But she didn't listen, just like the people who abandoned formation. It was at this point that his mind pushed the fault onto her, "if she had only listened" "she's the reason I can't sleep at night" "she is the reason why so many died today" it was these thoughts that had corrupted the once pure Commander. He saw her as his anger vent, and he needed one at that moment, he knew they were leaving afterwards, and the other soldiers that were still alive were going to a brothel at the temporary camp, so what harm could he do to himself? So he walked up to the elf who was inside a tent that he assumed was her shop, and began to move. He closed the tents folds.

The Beast-kin

3 Months have passed since the night of the goblin hoard, and his fateful night with the dark elf. Since then he hasn't seen her, nor was it ever brought to light what he did to her. And after his most recent accomplishments he was promoted to the elite platoon of soldiers that suppress and kill general-class monster. Which brought him to Faflear, the a holy land of the Beast Kin on this continent. It's said that it's the resting place of a Legendary class monster that transcended into the god's domain, and that a creature was trying to find, and take any of the legendary creatures spirit, for its own power.

It was a dangerous mission, and they gave the troops a whole week of time before the mission started as they didn't know who'd die this time around. It was the last day of the week long vacation, the next day they'd go out for the mission. As this was the last day, he thought he'd eat at a famous BBQ restaurant, as he felt there was something missing from his vacation, something that stopped him from completely unwinding. After getting the Kebobs from the restaurant he walked to his established inn. Along the way he decided to have one on the go, but as he opened it he noticed that there was a small cut in the bag, and one of the 5 Shish kebabs was missing. "The hell?" As he said that he heard rather loud chewing. Walking back he looked at the corner to find a feline beast kin eating his food. "You aren't a smart thief are you?" As he spoke he noticed her rather pleasant body. And seeing how she wasn't running, and kept eating he could tell she was a bit childish, and a airhead. "Hey! You even going to acknowledge I'm here?" She finished eating the kebab, and immediately tried to steal another one. Though Alexander quickly grabbed her arm, she was surprisingly weak, and submissive after he grabbed her, not trying to fight back. It was at this point Alexander thought she may be the key to help him unwind. "You want one?" He waved one of the kebabs in her face, she finally looked him into the eye, and he had her undivided attention. "Follow me.~" He let her hand go and started to walk away.

"Your Highness, you'll need to do better then that."

After returning from his exploits in Faflear, Alexander had completely changed from before, as a commander he was a workaholic, after the goblin hoard he seemed a bit lost in life, and now, after this, he was a proud man, with confidence. Not many knew this was for the most part due to his sexual life, as for the most part, people thought it was due to his feats in battle. This time however he was noticed by more then just regular higher ups, but by kings and queens. After the battle, it was said that instead of the monster taking the power of the legendary monster, Alexander actually was the one to get the power. No one needed to test the rumor, as his presence was more then enough to make a warrior shake.

After Faflear fell into the kingdoms hands, the continent was theirs, and the queen was now an official one, as there wasn't a power struggle between countries in the continent anymore. But she had many worries, she held onto power by using her families political, and economic power. But as for military power, she had a few personal guards, and elite. Barely enough to be considered a squadron. And that's when you heard the report from your subordinates that Alexander was as powerful as a general class monster. While that cheered her up, there was rumors going around he wasn't happy with the kingdom, and was planning on becoming an independent power. This meant that her potential trump card was about to fly away, and for all you knew, into someone else's hands. You sent a letter to a messenger, addressed to Alexander to come see her immediately.

[[ You get free reign her, after all, she is the queen of the continent.]]

"A maid that knows her job

After Alexanders night with the queen, his demands were answered. He wanted a large house, with a garden, a nice view, and a pool. And within the next day, that's exactly what he got, but when he opened the door he was shocked as there was a women kneeling right in front of him. When he asked her who she was she politely responded that she was Alexanders maid-slave, she was to do the cooking, cleaning, and any additional chore. But besides that, he smiled at how much of a vixen the queen was. Making a poor women, a beautiful women at that, serve a predator.
[[This scenario is free-roam, start when he opens the door.]]

"I've finally caught you, you bastard!"

After the queen managed to keep Alexander inside the kingdom, his power was made public, his name was everywhere as "The Aegis of Valine" the protector of the continent, but with fame, comes some old memories, especially when those memories knock on your door.
Alexander had about 1/4 of a mansion worth of housing to serve as his residency, he had gates around his house, not like anyone was stupid enough to try and break into a monsters home, but hundreds of people circled his house from afar, wanting to look and meet their hero. Well... there was one girl that didn't get the memo, she pushed the gate right open and pounded the door, scaring some of the viewers.
Seconds later Alexander opened the door, shirtless, and brushing his teeth, there were bags under his eyes, showing he'd just woken up not to long ago. He stared at the women, confused, she looked awfully familiar, and quite beautiful. "It's been 7 months since you last saw me, and I don't even get a hello? Well what was I expecting from you of all people." The voice was enough to make the so called hero paralyzed with a face of horror, dropping the toothbrush he stared with his now wide awake mind. Skin so soft it felt, and looked like the gods had woven her by hand, her milky chocolate colored skin that you could barely resist trying to taste. Breast so plump you felt like you could milk with a single pinch, but now they looked even bigger. A face so fine, even a master writer couldn't describe in a books length, and a humble figure.... well, what used to be. When he looked down, he saw her angry scowl, and her arms hugging her stomach with care, she was in the beginnings of her third trimester. "You better believe I'm going to have you pay me back for this, mister "Hero!""

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((Female needed please 3+ lines minimum. No one liners and no one word responses please and thank you))

I am a traveler, I never stayed in once place and i didn't think it was wise to do so. You are the last, the only female saber tooth tiger left and you were now up in the slave market, your seller had you chained with a brown collar and leash holding you in place when I saw you, I had a native dress on and was looking around. Seller: shes the last one come get her now she 19,000,00£  buy her now or lose your chance I bought you from the seller and I had set you free. It has been 2 entire years since then I was walking through the city that you were working at but once you saw me you quite your job and started to travel with me. You have been with me since you were a saber tooth kitten. We would always stay in hotels fit for admirals of the navy when we hop city to city. Currently we are in some type of dessert, I can't bare it any more. Agh! It's so hot!! You said  as I didn't seseem affected by the heat for some odd reason even though I am an incredibly tall, slim and muscular man, roughly of the same size as the other two admirals Sakazuki and Borsalino, the latter clearly taller than Brook (who was 266 cm (8'8½") at the time he met Borsalino) but it seems that I am slightly shorter than Doflamingo who is 305 cm (10'0") tall. I have black, curly hair cut to chin length that fans out at the tips, tanned skin, and an altogether lean, long build. After my duel on Punk Hazard, I received several burn scars spanning from the right side of my neck down to my entire right shoulder and onto my torso. My right hand is also heavily scarred and most noticeably I have lost part of my left leg, for which I now wear a prosthesis made of ice formed from my Devil Fruit ability the ice-ice devil fruit which gave me the ability to create, control, and transform into ice at will, turning the user into a Freezing Human I am wearing a white buttoned-up vest with standing collar over a long-sleeved navy blue shirt, with matching white trousers and black dress shoes. I am also wearing a yellow tie divided geometrically by black lines and a sleep mask on my forehead. I also have a white Marine admiral's coat (golden epaulettes and for me being the ice user, blue cuffs) draped over me like a cape, as did the other admirals. I also a wearing a green and purple sleep mask at all times. I walked over to a Oasis where I made a glass made out of ice appear and I filled the glass with water and the water instantly got nice and cold and I handed it to you. Here you go this should help.
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Flirty Clientele

[Supernatural OC x Canon Character Roleplay.]

"Why do I have to play masseuse, again? You were the one trained to go into physical therapy anyway."
"Nah, nah. I could never keep a straight face. Besides, you have a way with... these types."

       The way that Toni raised her eyebrows at Mona told the elder sibling that by "these types" she meant men like Eros. Business types. Playful types. To put it simply, flirts. As to why Mona was such a magnet to them was a mystery. Perhaps it was her stone cold demeanor, her strength that oozed authority in things beyond combat.

Men in the business world did seem oh so willing to give up control in the bedroom...

       It didn't matter. Such an ability could bring her closer to the demon they were hunting; the man they'd received a tip about had suddenly become marketing execuitive of a large tech support agency. It was suspicious to the say the least and the role of masseuse was the easiest way to investigate without arousing clear suspicion; holy water slips easily in with the warm oil. Clients are almost always higher ups.

      Mona rolled her eyes before she weighed the odds. She certainly didn't want Toni to blow their cover. Not after a week of dead end leads. And she sure as hell didn't want to put her in any danger. The taller of the two huffed and shrugged her shoulders in defeat.

"Fino. I will add my name to the roster and go suit up."
"Atta girl, Mona."
"You're pushing it."

Toni nodded and raised her hands in a truce gesture, while her smirk betrayed her actions. 

So it was decided. 

Mona would go in first. 


        The walk in was straightforward enough. Pass the reception desk, take a right and walk along the back of the building to the service elevator and take it the floor down to where the staff resided between tasks and shifts. There she had to wait until her name was called to see the next client. Mona knew more than enough about human physiology to give a decent massage. Some "additional" training came by way of Eros but Mona preferred not to reference that knowledge lest she lose face. 

        The first few men she saw were routine as she might expect. The holy water she mixed into their treatments didn't so much as sizzle. And her brain was a becoming a little fried from staying so frustratingly civil while rubbing oil onto backs that hadn't seen a razor in the last month. Ugh. She'd rather slay vampires. Or hell, a leviathan. Just not another. . .

Then a man no older than thirty walked into her candlelit workspace.

. . . Another. . .

He had a bright smile, even brighter green eyes. And his body wrapped in that sole white towel...

. . . Well, hello.

     Mona rung her hands with oil to warm them while willing her mind to self-clean. 

"Good afternoon, sir. Please, relax and make yourself comfortable before we begin." She repeated the same spiel to every client but usually with a complete absence of emotion. Lust brought a girlish tremor to her voice as he immediately made her nervous. The huntress swallowed the feeling as soon as it surfaced and helped him onto the massage table. Face up. In all that chiseled glory.

He's just another patient. He's just another patient. He's just another patient. He's just another...' She fell into the mantra she chanted mentally back during her residency to keep her mind clear.

"Hey there." He replied with a click of his teeth. The towel slipped a little further down his hip. Mona caught herself staring at the exposed plot of skin. All the while he sized her up, his lower lip bitten subconsciously as his eye wandered her form. 

 '... Dios míos..." It wasn't working. 

       Surely she was imagining that. No one was that seductive. Maybe she'd run into Adonis without realizing; it wouldn't be the first time she'd come across a Greek god. She blinked out of her thoughts as she finished warming her hands and set them to work; focus, she needed to focus. She kneaded the muscle on his chest with practiced ease and a physician's care. Beyond the occasional pleased grunts and purrs of the man beneath her fingertips, the two continued the transaction in silence. 

"Mhm, that feels good."

       Never one for long pauses, the man began conversation, forcing Mona to make eye contact only to break it when she caught sight of those striking green eyes. This man was a seducer created especially for her, wasn't he? He just had to be a siren brought on land. She trained her ochre eyes at his chest; its form wasn't helping.

"Say," He squinted to see the simple nametag on her chest. It only had her nickname on it. "Mona, you're pretty good at this. How long you been a masseuse?"

      The holy water in the oil wasn't responding to him as it would a demon so she couldn't cut the interaction short... not that she was sure she wanted to at this point.

"Not long. I actually trained to go into physical therapy before accepting this job." Mona didn't meet his gaze as she told half-truths, pretending to focus on the massage more than the conversation. And pretending not to notice his sidelong glances at her curvy figure clad in that tight white masseuse's uniform.

"Ah, no wonder," He sighed, tilting his head back and adjusting his position on the bed. "Your fingers are like magic." He complimented with that same knee-weakening smile. 
"Name's Dean by the way."

"It's a pleasure, Dean." The usually oh so cold Mona found herself smiling back. 

      The huntress didn't know what it was about this business man, with a body full of muscle and inexplicable scars,..

... but he had her full attention. 


//Alright, let's get creative.~ This is smut, but smut with a plot™.

        I would like someone to play the role of Dean Winchester while I will play the role of my OC Mona Ruiz Al-Mari (her profile for your reference: ). My plan is for this roleplay to continue on past their initial fling, for them to team up (alongside their siblings), and catch the demon running the marketing department of the company. Here, Dean is investigating the same case Mona is and has gotten a little sidetracked as he often does.

My Requirements

• It would be ideal that you have some knowledge of the television series 'Supernatural' and are familiar with Dean's character.

Please be descriptive. I have a five sentence minimum per response but I can easily exceed twenty lines. I give what I receive so don't skimp on the details! I'm not a stickler for speedy replies; it's fine to take your time.

• Proper Grammar. I can overlook the occasional lapse, but I expect capitalization and punctuation at the very minimum.

• If you have read all of this, please answer the following question at the start of your response: What color is Mona's masseuse's uniform?

//And as always, thank you for reading~

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May I share my Community on here?

im a dom male looking for a female

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Need female to play as two girls or invit a friend to join has to be discreptive)

warning will contain impergnation

my name is Anubis I'm an ancient god of the dead you were basete my wife and lover you ruled over the sky and rivers and was also the goddess of fertility and sex i sighed as i looked towards the dark black sky of the underworld you shook you head as you looked at me you knew why I was sad today was the annual meeting of all of the pantheons you always went but I stayed behind because it would be weird if the bastard son of the king of the Egyptian gods should up you kept pushing me to go but I never did so you came up with an idea you would trick me into falling for another goddess so I would go up there you had worked out the kinks in the plan but the only choice now was who to pick

There was *Ahprodite the Greek goddess who was know to be very open with her sexuality but you knew I could tame her I did tame you then there was Kali the four armed female Indian goddess she would be perfect in bed and she was hot to there was also Serqet the goddess of poison and marriage she was hot very hot and last but not least was a female that rivaled your own beauty she was Nox Roman goddess of darkness she always covered her eyes but age was hot in other place*

This was it as you left me to go to the meeting you smiled as you put your plan into action only thing left was to get the other goddess and let them fall for my natural charm

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I was a neko trainer. I have captured 8 Eevees...all of them are female. I love my Eevees & they love me. 7 of the Eevees want to evolve into a difference types: Flareon, Vaporeon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Jolteon, Espeon, & Umbreon. One Eevee didn't get a chance to evolve yet. She is sad. She has low experience...but I'm not mad. We all were more like Trainer & Pokemon...we are like family. We even sleep in my bed. One morning, One of my pokemon is in heat...badly. She look at me & is worried that I will hurt her...but she doesn't got a choice. She also know that all of us are virgins. She walk up to my face &...
//Female needed
//Any personality. Be submissive.
//no text talk No hangouts
//You can be descriptive as much as you want
//Repost or PP must ask
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