a truly massive black three masted ship seems to rise out of the mist. Many things are odd about the massive ship. Its silent, the usual sounds of the large crew needed to move such a ship are completely gone. The ship seems to be made of solid mist, its shape is rough and not entirely solid. I stand on the bow, my dark cloak flowing around me. I seem to be the only living being on the ship. ((open))

Arturia would be at sea plotting to intercept +Jeanne d'Arc. A few months after their last run in with +Hugues de Payens  . Bjorn would have likely already gotten an audience with the French Navy. The sea was calm and the weather good.

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Bjorn had left ports of Nassau with his fleet as saber took chase in the Excalibur. Bjorn couldn't run far before the Excalibur would catch up to the Ragnarok. Take the wheel. Arturia would give the wheel to her 2nd in charge on the Excalibur, the bow of the Excalibur very close to the quarter deck of the Ragnarok. Arturia would run to the front of the Excalibur onto the Bowsprit and then onto the Ragnarok alone right behind Bjorn swinging one of her swords at him. The Excalibur would pull away as she did this firing at the other ships  
(+Hugues de Payens )

i sit in the corner of a tavern, a tankard on the table, i watch all that happens in the room ((open))

Will be a pirate soon

After a failed attempt at a job, Nagataka was on the deck of his ship and watched from the crows nest if his ship The Raven and played his flute a little (open)

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Name: Dredd Umbrett

Known as: The god in the darkness

Age: 26

Gender: male

Personality (split): Dredd: me
Demens: insane, bloodthirsty, merciless
Machina: loves big guns, works of mechanical nature, explosives

Anima: thats a secret. ((Catch him))

Appearance: Dredd stands at 8ft 7in, towering over other people, his left eye is a deep blue and his right eye is a complete inverse of the left with a scarlet iris and jet black sclera, he wears a large black cloak seemingly woven from the darkness, his blond hair contrasting.

Weapons: bastard sword, scythe, 5 throwing axes

Relationships: none

Affiliation: whoever pays highest

Residence: wherever a place to sleep and eat can be found

Ship Information: A massive three masted ship made of darkness that can be summoned at any time, all who ride on it may end up slowly corrupted by its darkness at Dredds will. Additionaly, while nearby, Dredd can manipulate the darkness around him.

Bio: lived on the streets, picking pockets for a living. His 3-way split personality and odd right eye made it hard to avoid attention but wearing an eyepatch and a cloak helped a lot. As he was forced to learn how to fight, he toughened his body to withstand the force of a sledgehammer.

Skills: Able to adapt anything in his hands to assist in a fight. Prefers stealth combat to anything else. Master of fighting at night and darkness, can be called the "apex night predator"
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(+Mordred Pendragon +Hugues de Payens )
Bjorn and Arturia had reached Nassau. It was a lively place with shacks all along the beach. The Excalibur would docks at the port and jump off onto the dock Your all off duty but stay close to the ship. Arturia would head to where the Ragnarok had docked 

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Name: Gawain Lottson

Known as: The Warrior of the Sun

Age: Mid-Thirties (looks like mid-twenties)

Gender: Male

Personality: While he isn't a knight Gawain still upholds the laws of chivalry, he is very confident in his abilities and as a result never backs down from a fight. He is very fond of Arturia acting as an older brother to her.

Anima: Cartography, Honing skills with weapons.

Appearance: Gawain is usually seen wearing close befitting an English nobleman rather than a pirate. He also has an eyepatch over his right eye to hide a scar caused by a battle against Lancelot.

Weapons: Two Flintlock Pistols a Rapier and a Cutlass

Relationships: Is related to Arturia and her father, Dislikes Lancelot, Is on good terms with the rest of the round table.

Affiliation: Pirate for the British crown.

Residence: Camelot

Ship Information: Galatine is Gawain’s ship and the sister ship of Excalibur, it’s about the same size as Excalibur but inlaid with silver instead of gold. Like Excalibur The bow of the ship has a massive blade like ram capable of slicing through entire ships. While its sister ship has the ability of self-repair Galatine does not, instead it has the ability to produce a blinding light capable of decreasing the enemies accuracy. The ship is armed with an alarmingly large amount of cannons and a few mortars. Like Excalibur Galatine also granted Gawain immortality 

Bio: Gawain is the son of Lot Lottson - Uther’s (Arturia’s father) half brother. Lot being Uther’s right hand man often took Gawain and his brothers (Agravain, Gaheris and Gareth) aboard Caliburn. Eventually Gawain became old enough to serve aboard Caliburn himself which he did becoming very loyal to Uther and eventually becoming one of the round table members. A few years later Gawain’s father was found murdered, Gawain then stole one of the ships in Uther’s fleet to hunt his fathers murderer eventually leading him to find his new ship Galatine. When he returned he discovered that Lancelot had killed his brothers Gaheris and Gareth enraged at Lancelot the two never got along after that preferring to work as far away from each other as possible. After Uther died Gawain and Lancelot were constantly engaged in battle with each other. When Arturia arrived with Caliburn the two pirates decided to put away their differences and serve Arturia although they still aren’t on the best of terms.
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Name: Nagataka Tomi

Known as: The Trap Assassin

Age: 20

Gender: male

Personality: quite and not social most of the time. Though he may not seem it he can be very fun to be around if your part of his crew or know him. He is very calculating and cold when it comes time to take action against others. He doesn't trust others lightly so he mostly keeps his face hidden from others unless they are close enough to him to trust them and is very loyal in that sense.

Anima: When not at the helm of his ship, honing his skills, or making sure everything is ok with his crew, he mainly alone by himself. He keeps to himself and sometimes can be heard by others playing his flute. Not many others know what else he does.

Appearance: A man with snow white hair and eyes grey in color. He is a slender man but it is visible he is very athletic and capable of performing feats most couldn't do easily. with a Black shirt, dark brown pants and white cloth wrappings on parts of his attire. mostly with a mask over the bottom half of his face and a blood red cloth scarf around his neck. he also has some armor on his shoulders and fingerless gloves on his hands

Weapons: 2 Flintlock pistols, 1 Cutlass, and a bow with poison tipped arrows, a many number of traps he can make
Relationships: He doesn't have many relationships besides people in his crew, though he is known for being an assassin higher

Affiliation: Free pirate

Residence: unknown

Ship Information: The Raven, a ship as black as night and as silent as the wind itself, if not even quieter, in fact the ship can conceal all trace of its crew and itself from even being in a location. Armed with ten cannons on each side and mortars launching poison gas bombs. This ship has allowed him to terminate many of targets and people with bounties on there heads. Though it may not look like it the ship has a descent amount of armor on it so it can last in a fight for a good while. Fast, deadly, silent, these are treats of the The Raven

Bio: born an orphan tell the age of 15 he grew always playing tricks on people all around him with intricate traps and such. he left for his own to the open sea by sneaking his way onto a ship. he stayed in the shadows quietly tell they made it to port where he left from there. at the age of 17 he first took up his blade and started taking bounties to make money to survive....it didn't go well. his first bounty found him and torcher him day in and day out for three months tell he finally broke free from his bonds, hair white as clouds and the man who took him killed by his own blade...that was the last time someone said they saw him... and survived the encounter
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