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Name: Ake Sanjo
Age: 14
Gender: male
Year: 1st year, 4A
Height: 6'2

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Name: Rose
Age: 15
Is rather skinny and has red hair. Likes Youtube and Doctor Who, and has OCD. Is liked, but not popular. Likes helping people. Dates boys, but has feelings for girls too.
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Name: Ellie Abigail Williams
Age: 16
Gender: Female 
Sexuality: Straight (sometimes bi)
Nickname: Make Me One~
Family: never really know them... but has an unrelated stepdad named joel,
Likes: puns, sleeping and eating
Dislikes: people who are assholes..
Appearance:  basically in the photos..
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🌠Name : Hoshino Kiyoshi " Hoshino means " Star Child " and Kiyoshi means " Pure " .."
🌠Age : 16
🌠Gender : Female
🌠Sexuality : Bisexual
🌠Nickname : Stella // Her friends call her that from her small ribbons with stars //
🌠Blood Type : B
🌠Species : Human
🌠Height : 4‘11
🌠Weight : 98lb
🌠Personality : Hoshino's Personality is sweet yet bitter , from her appearance she gets mistaken for one of those girls that are weak and depend on other people for her own actions but, it's the opposite. She depends on herself to get her own business dealt with, and she's indeed strong with her mind and body. She's a bit of a Tsudere, but she's very sweet and caring inside.
🌠Likes : Cute accessories, Romance Comics, Long sleeved Sweaters ( Jackets, Hoodies, Etc. )
🌠Dislikes : Compliments " It's sort of kind of embarrassing.. I- idiot !" , Disrespect, Perverted Males/Females, Fear
🌠Family : Mother, Father ( They're a love dovey couple that like to travel around the world together , they sometimes send cards and small trinkets ), Older brother ( Unknown state )
🌠Appearance : ( APPEARANCE BELOW )
🌠Bio : " When I was near the age of 7-9 my Mother and Father started traveling, and I was left alone with my Big Brother " Shin " . For a few years we lived together , One day he moved out leaving me some money to take care of myself. It's a bit weird but,.. that's pretty much it. "

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Alicia walks down the hall, pushing past everyone. Excuse me... struggles because she notices everyone is actually looking at a poster set up in the busiest hall

Name: Alicia Dacron
Age: 17
Gender: female
Sexuality: heterosexual
Nickname: Alice, Cia, anything short for Alicia
Bio: she has lived a normal quiet life, her dad and mom being divorced and "switching" to the other every three days.
Family: mom, dad, brother, stepfather and soon to be little sister
Likes: rock climbing, babysitting, basketball and duh, boys!
Dislikes: mean girls, even though she can be one if she has power to be one
Appearance: she has blond hair with brown eyes and she is very small for 17

Name: Cedar
Age: 16
Bio: I'm Cedar Clenor, and I guess I'm kind of funny. I like being me and I will never got sucked into that skinny is beautiful crap. My motto is dar to be different. Maybe some day sticking out will help you. I have my Mom, who is this really cool cop, and my little sister, who is 3, and then I have my Dad who is a UPS driver.
Hobbies: Writing poems.
Personality: A goofball, hard working, smart in life.
That's me, guys. Uhh, have great day!

Question could we be a character from legend of Zelda?
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