Did everyone die again? :(

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I just bought Charger!!! 5.7 hemi. I'm super stoked

Guys youshould get dead cells because its fun af and its a rogue like side scrolling addictive game

+Jayballsoffire I've got a code for the closed beta for Quake Champions if you want to try that out.

Hey Jay, When you stream again, Are you going to continue the expert Terraria playthrough?

When will jay stream again rip

R.i.p. Carrie Fisher

I have a huge dilemma, and I need you guys to help me make a decision.


I am on the fence in whether or not I will buy it. I am gonna watch a few trailers and see what I think.

What do YOU think?

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Check it out guys! Hard work and dedication paying off right here

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Got a custom controller skin! What do you guys think?
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