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I keep choosing share to community or group & the webserver continually classifies everything as private, as of today.

+DonFphrnqTaub Persina

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Can someone make a community for me?
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.*¨*.Mr. Alex.*¨*.

Community Design  - 
Can I share my communities here?
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I would love a promotion for manager so I can help people more and make this site a better place to spread love and peace.
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caenyn cooper

Community Design  - 
hello world, i hope everybody  is having a lovely day! if not just remember the week is almost over and it will get better when the weekend hits.just one more day people you can push through it!
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About this community

This community wants to become an hub for all the necessities of G+ Communities' Owners who wants to learn how to design, manage, improve and promote their Communities. This is not only for professionals, it's open to everyone who is willing to contribute. Help us make it grow to create a friendly enviroment to discuss the usage of this new tool.

Gianluca Leonetti

Community Design  - 
Gianluca Leonetti
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Roger Brownlie

Management  - 
How does one get engagement data on a community that they own? Eg. Number of posts, top contributors, growth over time etc? This data must be accessible right?
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Good question... I am curious about the same... i wonder if there is a way you could link it to google analytics like i do my  google sites?
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Martha Magenta

Moderation  - 
Can banned members take legal action against community owners for banning them or for removing posts?
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