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Hello friends,

I have been searching everywhere without success.

I need help. I want to do a YouTube Live Interview on Biblical subjects but it is my understanding that we can no longer use Hangouts on Air any longer... ARGH !!!!! Everything has been changed to YOUTUBE live.

The problem is there are no "Tutorials" on how to record interviews because this change is too new. I have been searching everywhere, on many sites, YouTube and others... but I can't find a place that would explain to me the abc's from beginning to end on how to record an interview.

Does anyone have a link or Post or a person somewhere that can assist me? Please?

Philippe Paquette
613 799-4321

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I keep choosing share to community or group & the webserver continually classifies everything as private, as of today.

+DonFphrnqTaub Persina

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Can someone make a community for me?

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Gianluca Leonetti
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I would love a promotion for manager so I can help people more and make this site a better place to spread love and peace.

Can I share my communities here?

How does one get engagement data on a community that they own? Eg. Number of posts, top contributors, growth over time etc? This data must be accessible right?
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