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First round of planning. I met with Anvar today. He will be emailing the Warehousing group soon.

AUS: Let's get something on the books sooner than later. I am meeting a sales rep for Expeditor International in regards to initial shipment on Tuesday. The investors are looking to get some info in regards to shipping cost.

We are also looking at projections for future orders (but we will discuss).

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At our meeting with the industrial designers.

Hey All,

Just finishing a meeting with the industrial designers. We have some additional questions on master packaging and how to protect the product during sea transit.

I'll reach out to the packaging company.

More info to come.

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Could the Cush-EVO members email me at to set up some meeting times.


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Hello All,

I have updated the members of this group. I was not able to find Bailey.

How are schedules looking like over on the Australian side?

I think we should look at the questions being asked on the brief and potentially look at how we can further divide the work. I have attached Cush-Evo's production schedule for your information.


Hi everyone. Thanks Justin. I'm still waiting for final agreement from David Graham, instructor in RMIT, for their approval of spreadsheet with names of students in both RMIT and NSC for each team. It looks like Josie has a family firm in Australia that wants to use one of the teams so her team is obviously unable to do Cush-Evo. So right now, David switched Team B and Team C. Which means your RMIT members might be Bailey, Vasileia and Nicholas.

Hi All

I am very excited to work on this project with all of you.

I have been working on some initial components in regards to shipping and distribution options.

A few things: When are good meeting times. I would prefer 1 meeting either this or next week to get on the same page. (U.S. all together in one room?)

We will need to break out the work, this will allow me to create a GATT chart to keep us accountable.

Thank you,

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