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This community is for sharing all things related to the Build in Progress platform!

I'll post about new features for both the website and mobile applications.

Feel free to add to the discussion by sharing your own Build in Progress projects or asking any questions.

Happy building!

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APP UPDATE: the iOS app has been updated with a video uploading fix.  You can get the app here:

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You can now register for Build in Progress using your Google Login!

If your Google username is the same as your Build in Progress username, it will automatically link the accounts when you log in with your Google Account.

I am working on a way to link existing Build in Progress accounts with Google accounts with a different username.

There are currently some issues running the Build in Progress app on iOS 9.  I will be looking into fixes, but until then, just wanted to give a heads up.
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You can now view and edit your Process Map through the mobile applications (iOS and Android)!

Download the updates from the App Store and Play Store to try out this feature on your projects!

More Info:

When you open up a project in the app, it will default to the list mode you are all familiar with.  But there is now a toggle in the top toolbar to switch between the List mode and the Map mode.  In the Map mode, you can view the branches in your app via the Process Map, and you can also rearrange your steps.

Here are the steps for rearranging steps in the Process Map:

Click the step you want to move.
Drag the step over the step you want it to follow.  You can drop the selected step over any other steps highlighted in blue.

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I just launched a Getting Started tutorial for new users on Build in Progress!  

The tutorial walks you through some of the features on the website project page.  Read more about it here:

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ANDROID APP UPDATE: You can now swipe through images in your project!  Also, various bug fixes.

We are working on the label interface and branching interface (for Android and iOS), which will be coming soon to mobile!

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We are starting to implement the Process Map interface for mobile. You can read more about it here:

Would love to hear your feedback!

Hi Everyone! I know a few of you already.  I'd be interested to hear if and how you have used BiP in a K-12 school.

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Some early sketches of the branching interface for mobile!

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We passed 1000 users on Build in Progress!

Thanks for sharing your projects, and keep on building!
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