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The bionic man fitted with a high-tech robotic hand yesterday showed off his latest upgrade which is so advanced he can now tie his shoelaces again.
Nigel Ackland from Royston, Cambridgeshire, has had his Terminator-like mechanical limb since last November, but it has now been upgraded to make it more sensitive.
And after a recent accident involving a runaway dog which left the 53-year-old missing several robot fingers, designers have also reinforced the limb with stainless steel and titanium.
It means the whole hand is stronger and the upgrade also included insulating pads stop it picking up heat or static electricity.
'Since I was first given the hand they have developed it several times whenever someone who is trialling it notices a design flaw,' Mr Ackland said.
'I was walking the dog and he took off chasing something ripping the lead out of my hand - but unfortunately the fingers came off too.
'So they added stainless steel into the links to make sure they were stronger and could with stand that kind of force again.
'Its crazy I can now tie my shoe laces for the first time in years and play with playing cards. I'm developing my use of the hand more and more daily.
'It really is a whole new quality of life.'

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N3F is at BayCon this year!
Checked in. N3F members at BayCon - be sure to find me to get your Neffer Badge Flag.
BayCon 2013
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"Thanks to the box-office success of original properties like “Avatar” and “Inception,” the science fiction genre has, in an industry characterized all too often by its aversion to financial risk, managed once again to become a haven for creative filmmaking."

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Interesting take on SF/F tropes in mundane TV.

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In many ways Hemlock Grove is more a 13-hour movie than a 13 episode show and, because it’s being released all at once, its characters can be explored in long arcs without having to catch up an audience. That’s something McClure and Douglas feel BSG struggled with during its four-season run.

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"Lucy will be an action movie with a distinctly sci-fi premise, about a young woman who is forced to become a drug mule and inadvertently manages to absorb the drug she’s carrying into her own system. Rather than landing her in the hospital, the drug gives her superhuman powers, including telekinesis, the elimination of all sensations of pain or discomfort, and the ability to absorb knowledge instantaneously."

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Line of Sight is the creation of Blake Masters (Brotherhood, Rubicon, 2 Guns) and it's the story of Lewis Bernt, a "National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigator who survives a mysterious plane crash, bringing him on a quest to discover the accident's cause. He becomes a man whose entire sense of self, his own life and the world as he knows it, completely unravels in a whirlwind of obsession and paranoia." The show is described as a unique blend of science fiction, drama and "conspiracy thriller."

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"Author R.D. Drabble paints pictures with his words, as if he can see them all around him."

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