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Welcome to the Tribe of Fallen Angels community! Since it wouldn't let me type it all, here is a better description of the community: Hundreds of moons ago, all the clans lived above ground in peace. Everything was disrupted when twolegs tore down the forest, and built a city in it’s place. Hundreds of warriors were killed in the process from either unclean, polluted air or dangerous twoleg monsters used for construction. The remaining cats met up with each other in a safe part of the forest. They figured that the last parts left of the forest would soon be removed by the twolegs as well, meaning unless they found shelter, it would be too late for them. They were lucky enough to come across a hole, leading to a huge underground crater. After a few moons had passed, grass, trees, flowers, herbs, and even prey began to strangely fill the emptied hollow. The cats were extremely grateful and believed that it was a blessing from Starclan. Since no clan would ever be the same again, they created a tribe. One with a name that honored the cats that had passed away in the twoleg incident. From this day forth, the tribe still remains and is tucked away into the safe, yet mysterious underground crater. This is the tribe of Fallen Angels.
This community will be used for roleplay based on our story (that is still in progress.


Don't be inappropriate/use bad words, we don’t know how young some people are, so let us just keep this nice and clean for them youngsters :D
MAKE SURE YOU MAKE A CHARACTER and add everything in the reference sheet thing I may or may not put xD
Use those handy --------- things for actions and such italics for those fabulous thoughts of your characters and normal text for speech, or if you want these doodads”” MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR CHARACTERS NAME BEFORE EVERYTHING EXP. Tundra: looks at people like a mad man “I'm bae guys you know it.”
Respect others
WE MAY ADD MORE MODERATORS so stay on best behavior thumbs up
Don't kills others OC’s unless they agree, ya’ll know this (hopefully O_O).
Moderators are allowed to add rules when needed if absolutely necessary. 
-Jill P. and Abby E. ^_^

Here are the tribes, ranks, and positions your cat(s) can be in:
Tribe of Fallen Angels:
(Stoneteller has been taken)
You can also be a rogue, loner, or fox.
If you wish to be something else (ex. wolf, bear, idek XD) please ask a owner of moderator.

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Name: Minami
Age: 12 moons
Position: Loner
Personality: Quiet, mysterious, can be aggressive, smart, sometimes kind, serious
Appearance: Black cat with busy white markings, a short bobbed tail, and dull grey eyes.
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