While I now live in Ohio, I still visit Cadillac often. Want to give a shout out to all those members that join, and just want you to know that I haven't abandoned the cause!

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+Nashoba Darkwolf All the portals I submitted went live. Didn't know the statuary moved around every summer but oh well. Also some duplicates as I didn't realize some were just misplaced. Get out there and capture them! 

7 new ones total!


Just had one of the Portals I submitted go live. If you ever make it out there, you're welcome!
Pierce Stocking Overlook Plaque at Sleeping Bear Dunes on the scenic drive.

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In less than two hours I put up 9 fields in my city, thus creating this sail you see here. Operation Sail is complete.


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90 % island and 72637mu from Koh Samui Suratthani Thailand

Just an FYI, I submitted some new portals while down there. Didn't realize the statues are moved every summer but those should show up. You also might get some duplicates of the Post office and library as I didn't realize they were just misplaced.

Still you should walk down the waterfront in town and submit that bridge, the big gun, all the memorial plaques etc. 

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01:13 Start log: MISSION COMPLETE
Operation Waterfront was a Success. While only one other agent (without a scanner) convened on the randevu point, the mission was still a major success. We overtook 15 Enlightened portals, created a control field over the museum and took back the waterfront. Mission Complete Agent Nashoba out.

End log...
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Operation Cadillac:

Start log:
Took down the enemy portal at the courthouse. After three days of weakening its resonators it fell today and was quickly replaced with my own. From there I linked it to the firehouse by the water. After that I linked the other firehouse to the lakeside one creating my first 1km+ field. I then linked the lakside firehouse to the bank and then to the courthouse thus creating my second control field. Soon the final enemy field shall fall, and when it does Operation Cadillac will be completed! We need you level 8s out there to strengthen these portals so we can fight back when the enemy returns.

-Agent Nashoba

End Log...
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