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Learn exactly how he trades penny stocks for a living! With this tutorial, you can learn how we analyze stocks and what we think about it.

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ELED 0085 bouncing. WAS ONCE 75 CENTS and just ran to 6 cents 2 months ago. DONT MISS OUT$$

Penny Stocks? ELED in my opinion is extremely UNDERVALUED. Join page, learn, and earn with some the most committed and skilled investors on Facebook and see why this stock has its own fan page. 4000+ members. Free group chat for shareholders. Strong Hands. Tiny Float. Only 250 Million A/S, Historical bounces upwards 600%+ 3 times in the last 4 months. ONCE TRADED AT 75 CENTS.
This is not stock advice. Free to Join here: FOLLOW $ELED STOCK TRADING FAN GROUP
April 12th we had a high of.028, and closed.024. By April 20th we were at a low of .0079 and close of .0088. April 21st we opened .0085 and closed ...0104. Seven trading days later we opened at .0474 and closed at .0525... In a matter of 13 trading days we went from. 02 to .0079 to .0525... shot changes quick.. As fast as this dropped it can be back up just as fast.
Customers & Partners:
Energie Holdings has landed a number of very important partnerships and key customers to position them to ride the wave of this major industry boom that could occur in the LED industry over the next few years. Some of these partnerships and customers include;
Ballinger Architecture & Design of Philadelphia, Miller Nichols Library and Learning Center at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, RZB Gmbh of Bamberg, Clorox, IBM, Microsoft, Honda Automotive, VW Automotive,University of Colorado,University of Utah, University of Iowa
University of North Carolina, Purdue University, University of Missouri, MIT, Morton College, University of Texas, British Petroleum, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Northwestern Memorial, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Grant Thornton, Ikaria, Hanover Life, Goldman Sachs, Sony, Spencer Stuart, Hon Furniture, JP Morgan, ASTALDI, MULTILINE, REGENT, TONS, TRILUX, and TROLL

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Learn exactly how to make money trading penny stocks now, regardless of your experience, savings, or background!

Watch a Millionaire Trader's Strategies on the best methods to make money with penny stocks.

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#CLTS News: Earth Life Sciences Inc: The Company focuses on Multi-billion dollar Cannabis Oil (CBD) based Nutraceutical Company/ies. #cbd #cannibis #mj More info at link below:

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$CSAX Medical MJ Security company with 7m float. $1m a month in revenues. Potential Acquisition deals that will increase that to $5m a month. OTCQB but targeting Nasdaq mini exchange by summer time. Love this one.

Check the DD and watch the videos on this page and read today's news.


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