So sad this road has come to an end. Voxelands had a special magic, and the new heirarchy was making for fun challenges. Would love it if some competent coders were to pick up the torch -- I am available for help with documentation, sound editing/creation. [Not a coder]

I want to know how to create multiple biomes using Voxeland and mapmagic, is there a tutorial for it?

I am starting to fear that this game is in its death throws. Nobody plays on its servers, and my topic for it in the Minetest community died pretty quickly.

The Afrikaans translation for Voxelands is complete! I presume it will be included in the next release. Once that happens, any feedback is welcome.

I don't even know if there are Afrikaans Voxelands players -- I just did this for the experience and as a personal challenge. Voxelands will open in the language that your desktop environment is set to.

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Yes, afaik you can share the entire 'world' folder. Now in version 1709 you can have multiple worlds, and each one is in its own folder inside the new'worlds' folder. The folder is named according to the name you gave it when you created it. (In linux, the worlds folder is in ~/.local/share/voxelands/ -- this is new in 1709).

You can also launch the server and share it across your network, and have multiple people playing in the same world. You can download one of my worlds here:

If you are on an older version, just rename your world folder to world.1 (or something), then copy mine to the same location and rename it world. It's quite a nice world with a 2-story house (almost complete) and quite a few resources I've mined so far).
is there any place where i can download a voxelands' world?

I am experiencing segfaults with 1704 [compiled on Linux machine with all libraries up to date] on quite a regular basis -- compared with the 1602 deb from the repo/Lisa Milne.

NB. I'm not complaining, I just wonder if I can help with bugs.

Looking at the log I can see nothing that indicates a cause.
13:03:41: INFO[main]: Started digging
13:03:41: INFO[main]: getTextureIdDirect(): "sand.png^[crack2" NOT found in cache. Creating it.
13:03:41: INFO[main]: getTextureIdDirect(): "sand.png" found in cache
13:03:41: INFO[main]: generate_image(): generating special modification "[crack2"
13:03:41: INFO[main]: Digging completed
13:03:41: ACTION[ServerThread]: jon digs (1,3,-58), gets material 2057, mineral 0
13:03:42: INFO[main]: Client: ignoring player items for local player

[And that's the last line of the debug.txt - at this point the game just quits.] [Edit: not quite sure why I'm getting strike-through on above!(?)]

dmesg gives me:
voxelands[32075]: segfault at 1 ip 0000000000000001 sp 00007ffd28741368 error 14 in voxelands[400000+8ce000]

Are there any switches I can add to the compile command that would give us a more verbose crash log? Would that be useful for you?

[I'm running MInt with 64-bit kernel 4.4.0-62-generic / Celeron / 8Gb ram.]

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New release: 1704.00

Berry bushes and campfires have been added and there are now animated textures, in addition to several bugfixes. The new maintainer has not been active, so the previous maintainer has returned, hence the delay.

A full description is in the announcement:

As always, the latest release can be downloaded here:

Would anyone happen to know why is down?
(Includes the forums, wiki, basicaly everything)

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Hello. I have to ask a question, but, don't delete this my post.
Why darkrose don't like a old mese texture? In the first Minetest Classic version 0208.08, she changed old mese texture to current mese texture from Minetest version 0.4.5 - 0.4.14 (watch on screenshot #1).

In Minetest Classic version 1312.00, mese texture still not changed back to old one (watch on screenshot #2). Hmm. I can change current mese texture to old mese texture (watch on screenshot #3).

I downloaded 1312.01 on old releases and it gives me a wrong version as 1312.00. Can you give me a correct version 1312.01? Write me on comments.
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Woo-ho! I made a random ore and rough stone generator! Only on Voxelands. Random ore and rough stone generator made by me.
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