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Here's the original "keys" that started it all....

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Does anyone know how to do spiritual translation of the Bible? It involves universal symbolism as with "keys". Here, in the second chapter of the Testament of Naphtali, is a future vision of the nations in the last days that I'd like to interpret. I might use this forum to pursue a line by line translation and welcome any and all help anyone can provide.

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BE the fulfillment of Holy Scripture and recover hidden knowledge +Apocryphile1970 reconstructs the message Jesus taught HIS disciples.

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~ Three "Our Fathers" a day keep bad spirits out of the dwelling place ~

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Angels without number ...

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To gather more clues to the conclusive identity of nations, the 12 sons of Jacob testified to each their own lifetime. In addition, some saw symbolic and parabolic visions of the last days. From these, lists of traits, taken together with compiled knowledge will help make positive identification of 10 older brothers.

Main players have changed on the international stage since the nations were founded. However, the continents of nations is geographically the same - minus a small island or two. Some of the names may have changed. But I believe we are talking about the same ten regions mapped for the NWO with USA and Israel filling the two spots in making 12.  

I am brushing up on history (from more than one view) to assemble main player activity that will hopefully map orderly to events and those involved to build a historical time-line.

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In effort to get closer to resolution of nations represented by Jacobs sons, I thought it would be helpful to extract clues from rejected text. From the Testament of Simeon some clues as to the identity:

*Went to procure something for flock (will investigate further) while Ruben went after supplies and Judah sold Joseph
*main one w/intent to kill Joseph (this is a tough one)
*died 120 after Joseph 
*exceedingly strong, courageous w/ many exploits
*deceitful – envious – vengeful - postal
*jealous of Joseph in youth w/o brotherly affection
*GOD delivered Joseph from
*Right hand (power, honor, favor) withered for seven days that prevented harm to Joseph
*repented and prayed for restoration of hand
*imprisoned by Joseph (occupied)
*angered toward Judas who “let Joseph live”
*with Levi avenged Dinah (slaughtered her lover's newly circumcised and joined tribe)
*wages war against Levi unsuccessfully
*placed below Levi and Judah
*fasted 2 years (was absent world affairs for a period)
*always loved by Joseph
(Feel free to add any I missed or misinterpreted)

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Recommended 'keys' info from InHisWord2 at YouTube

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More 'keys' info from InHisWord2 at YouTube

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