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🌹🌹🌹 Cash flow analysis when buying Phu Quoc Beach Villa Premier Village Beach Resort Sun Group 🌹🌹🌹

Attractive investment channels for all customers, investors are looking for a new product profitability stability, long-term.
Ngoc Phu Quoc Island is being "awakened" and "awakened" after a long sleep. Huge capital inflows into the field of real estate tourism with the participation of large investors such as Vingroup and Sun Group, Phu Quoc is promising to be a new paradise in the 🌹🌹🌹 region

The project sales policy is very favorable with many good options for customers, customers can choose the appropriate and optimal solution for themselves and with the new excellent policy received before 3 years of profit and up to 20%, this will definitely be a good opportunity for customers own Sea Group Sun Group.
💖 Commit to a minimum profit of 9% per annum for 15 years - safe return on investment
+ Commitment to share the highest profit BDS market up to 85%
+ Only 30% of capital - permanently own sea villas
2.1 Application of calculations for the case of Premier Village Villas Kem Beach Resort average price:
💝 Free 15 nights a year with 150 nights / 10 years.
💕 The conversion of resort nights into specific villas is as follows:

Flat rates / night 150 nights

+ 2 bedrooms: 6 million / night = 900 million
+ 3 bedrooms: 8 million / night = 1.2 billion
+ 4 bedrooms: 12 million / night = 1.8 billion

💲💲💲 Understand simply that if the investor chooses to invest a villa in the Premier Village of Phu Quoc, 3 bedrooms with a price of about 10 billion, this will be the benefits to receive:

💝 Absolute possession of a villa Sun Premier Village Beach Kem 10 billion (can buy, transfer arbitrary)
💝 90% cash flow after 10 years = 9 billion
💝 The value of vacation for 10 years = nearly 1 billion - 1.8 billion

💕 Rental rates of up to 9-10% per annum are levied by Premier Village Keme Beach Resort and Condotel Premier Residences in Phu Quoc Emerald Bay. Real estate projects Sun Group Resort Phu Quoc Island of Sun brings opportunities to investors to profit from the deposit stage
💕 On the other hand, expectations of future price increases for the Premier Village Phu Quoc Island Sun Villas are likely to be lower than the Maldives, PhuKet, Bali are priced at least $ 2 million - $ 4 million and only 50 years , with Sun Premier Village Kem Beach only from $ 500 thousand - $ 1.5 million and a permanent red book.
🌈🌈 Hotline: 0903123008 🎁🎁🎁 -675.html
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