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anyone wanna roleplay this prompt?


This community is deader than Alois.

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You were at the local apothecary, picking up some ingredients you ran out of. You'd been going to that store for years, and knew everything: the workers, other customers, and their stock. Today, you noticed a new item on the shelf behind the worker. It's a small vial filled with black smoke and red, glowing particles like embers. You ask the worker what it is, and his face goes pale as a ghost. He tells you that he isn't supposed to sell it, but they couldn't refuse the offer. Just then, you hear the door open as the clerk's eyes widen. You turn to see me, Phang Tabai (Open to a female human or witch. Please ask before starting. I will repost.)

"Hmmmm I wonder were the perverts are?" I say looking around "Usually they'd be try groping me and other stuff now, hm I guess their not here so I can chill now" I say walking down the hall "Ugh I'm so bored and a little tired..I need some energy.." I say groaning "Well we might be able to give you that energy~" I hear Sebastian and Claude say I jump slightly "I would love to give you some energy although we're gonna have to be in a dark room together and in a bed~..." Claude Says I have a shiver down my spine "Oh please you insolent I'd let you be the first to take her" Sebastian Says I try to sneak away as they argue but they notice and they....

(I would need a person to play Sebastian and Claude or if two people play them then that's fine)
(PP, Hangouts, or Kik?)

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Hey, anybody can roleplay on here please do I really want to role play with someone..... Anybody please....
Hey, does anybody want to finish roleplaying this?

Ciel: Sebastian uh.....I..... blood bubbled up between my lips... It spilled out onto your hand..... I love you I gasped out....

Sebastian: I smiled.... I leaned down touching your lips with my gloved finger.... I have loved you long young master yes... I have.... Three long years...... I put my hand on your chest gently.... You still groaned hissing in pain.... You were facing death and I could do nothing to save you.....

Ciel: I tried to sit up but you gently laid me down.... I screamed despite myself...... Blood pumping out onto the sheets, covering the once white sheets with a crimson red...Sebastian leaned in closer... I felt myself blush...

Sebastian: Why you are so cute when you blush.... I picked you up in my arms, leaning in I kissing your lips softly... Your blood covering my lips.......

Narrator: suddenly Bard, Finny, and Meryin bursted into the room....

Ciel: I gasped my body started to convulse..... Sebastian I gasped.... My head fell back onto Sebastian's arm, my hand went limp and I couldn't breathe. I heard Sebastian yell...

Sebastian: I yelled No.... I laid the young master's body onto the bed and began doing CPR.... He wasn't breathing... There was no pulse......No.... I screamed. Bard ran over to me and saw Ciel dead....Sebastian it's no use..... He is dead..... I fall to my knees staring hopelessly at my blood covered hands...five minutes passed not a sound escaped the dead boy's lips..... The servants stood stunned.......Suddenly a cough erupt from my young master's body... I jumped up leaning over him.....

Ciel: I saw Sebastian staring down at me.... The servants crowded around the bed....I smiled a painful smile..... I tried to sit up but pain erupted from my side bringing tears to my eyes..... A hand supported my back and a hand was on my chest.... They lowered me down slowly..... I still screamed despite my best efforts not to......

Sebastian: I looked at my young master on his bed..... He looked like he was in so much pain..... I bent down not caring the other servants were there and I kissed his bloody lips softly...... He panicked...... I drew away... He look wildly at me then to the servants who were staring in shock.....
I loved the young master I said... I love Sebastian the young master sputtered out blushing..... They looked at me then so the young master and just smiled..... Finny was the first one to speak... I don't mind Sebastian I can see it and don't mind that you love the young master like that... You go good together what do you two think? Bard grinned.... I know it's true I can't lie you are cute together..... Meryin looked at Sebastian then at the young master...Yes, you both are cute together.... She smiled brightly..... Suddenly the young master screamed...... Grabbing my tail coat in a firm grip...... I looked down... He was spilling out blood from his mouth..... I grabbed a white towel that had water on it and wiped the blood from his mouth.....

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the young earl smiled quickly disappeared Roxie notice and asked him what is wrong?
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I was walking around the manor trying to find Ciel since he wanted to play a game of hide and seek which I found more childish than usual but went along with it since I had lost 8 games of chess Ciel come on this isn't that funny. I looked around everywhere searching for my best friend seeing if he was hiding in his study where the bloody hell is he?

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I was walking around the Manor with Sakura in demon form talking about Recipes I could make and we ran into you
(Open to anyone)

Mistress Yuki? Someone has come to visit! I say as I open the door revealing you
(Open to +Yuki Michaelis​ and one other)
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