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Green Building Materials - Growing Implementation of Environmental-Friendly and Energy-Efficient Building Standards

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Growing demand for #environmental-friendly and sustainable #building materials is expected to propel the growth of the market. #Greenbuilding materials prevents the usage of #toxic #paints containing lead, in turn improving indoor air quality. Furthermore, the products also offer plentiful natural lighting thereby reducing #energy usage which thereby reduces the overall expenditure. Copious raw material availability coupled with a large number of manufacturers is expected to aid the growth of market.

Technological #innovations have facilitated a rise in demand in #green #building materials, as products are becoming increasing affordable and readily available. As a result, the demand has increased dramatically over the past few years majorly due to rebounding #construction market.

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Following to our previous great success of “Cities’ Identity Through Architecture and Arts (CITAA)” Conference.
IEREK decided to launch Cities’ Identity Through Architecture and Arts – 2nd Edition
And your chance is still available to participate in the #Second_Edition
If you are a #Researcher or interested in the field of Architecture and Arts.
Do you want your #research to be published by the leading global publisher #Springer?
Or to participate as an audience. Don’t miss the chance and register now through this link:

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Our Asphalt Batch Mix Plants are manufactured under a technical collaboration with World Leaders in Batch Mix Technology, M/s Bernardi Impianti International, Italy. These plants are available in capacities ranging from 80 tph to 260 tph.

Salient Features of our Asphalt Batch Mix Plant :
User-friendly control
Fast and easy installation and start up
Durable and reliable
Low maintenance cost
Excellent fuel efficiency

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We can say now that #Middle_east is moving towards➡️ the concept of future #Smart_City with Dubai emerging as the Middle East's leading smart city due to its high-tech infrastructure and execution of several smart initiatives.
This new capital city in Egypt as known #العاصمة_الادارية_الجديدة will be a Smart City, and it will embrace an ethos of #sustainability born from Egypt’s tradition. and will take advantage of the sustainable technologies of today as well as be adaptable to future technologies, further enhancing its resource-efficiency.
From here come the need to collect our Researches & our Visions to be a part of future makers Join us the international conference On Future Smart Cities in #Egypt
or Participate as an audience
More info :

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The Count down for the full paper submission deadline less than 5 days to 27/8/2017
Hurry up submit your paper & Join us The 2nd International Conference On Improving Sustainability concept in Developing Countries
It's A Chance To Make Your Researches See The light and get published

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To be Published by #Routledge #TaylorAndFrancis Group
✴ Explore the Career Possibilities in Residential Planning:
Not everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the shaping of the communities in which we live. But those who have a strong desire to understand how to help provide adequate housing for all segments of our society and to preserve sound land-use policies, a career in residential planning could be a great career option.
Learn more about town planning by joining us in the second version of our conference on Urban Planning and Architectural Design for Sustainable Development!
— in Italy.

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West Africa and Benin with SEMAO tourism destination. 072Bp:20 Cotonou / Bénin such: + 22997316798; e-mail:

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New building in London to enliven the urban realm and fill a void in the streetscape. The street façade comes forward to the line of adjacent buildings, maximising the courtyard space to the rear.

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Electricity generated from Moss - how is this possible? Read it here
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