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character  sheet 
if you want a high position ask me 

put you character sheet in the forum 

Name: Aria Dulion
Job: Praetor
Age: 19
Appearance: She has light brown hair that reaches the middle of her back, hazel eyes, and tan skin. She is relatively slim in an athletic type of way.
Class: High
Gender: Female

everyone please do the   character sheet please 

Name: Dustin
Job: Praetor/ Adviser to Emperor
Age: 15
Appearance: Medium brown hair, gold streaks, 5'10"
Class: High

name ruby 
job slave 
age 18
appearance 5'9" long red hair 
class low  

name Donny
job emperor
age 25
appearance tall 6'0" short brown hair 
class high 

name Janus
job legionnaire
age 15
appearance short brown hair 5'11"
class low   

name Cornelia
job slave
age 16
appearance 5'1" long brown hair 
class low   

the currency is gold you start with for middle class 1,000 gold high class starts with 10,000 gold
slaves are between 100-500 gold

i picks the high class people, senators, generals,admirals,praetors  and praetorian guard. 
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