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Excalibur - Taken by +Excalibur The Warframe​​ (Me)
Loki - Available
Mag - Available
Volt - Available
Ash - Available
Frost - Taken by +Frost Winter​​
Nyx - Available
Rhino - Available
Nova - Available
Ember - Available
Banshee - Available
Mesa - Available
Mirage - Available
Nekros - Available
Trinity - Available
Chroma - Available
Hydroid - Available
Saryn - Available
Limbo - Available
Oberon - Available
Valkyr - Available
Vauban - Available
Zephyr - Available
Stalker - Taken by +The Stalker​​
Vor - Available
Alad V - Available
Jackal - Available
Ambulas - Available
Hyena - Available
Raptor - Available
Sgt. Nef Anyo - Available
Phorid - Available
Lephantis - Available 

Which warframes are currently available?

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So I realize that this will be a bit of an odd profile, but please bear with me. I haven't role played in a while, and excited to do some Warframe RP.

Name: Reito (Operator Name)
Warframe: Volt Prime
Primary: Lanka
Secondary: Aklex Prime
Melee: War

About: Reito has served the Lotus for four long years since she had rescued him. He has gone through many grueling missions under her tutelage, and developed his skills as her protector and Warrior. Upon first glance, it is all too obvious that Reito devotes his life to her service, deeming no task too small or too great. Through his trials, he has completed his arsenal of Warframes and weapons, but like most warriors, he has his favorites. He prefers the warframe Volt, enjoying the speed to swiftly engage and destroy any enemy he finds himself facing. Using the powers at his command with Volt, he takes a slash and dash approach to all combat, feeling that the best way is to defeat the enemy before he can bring his weapon to bear. For overwhelming power, he uses the blade War, taken from the deadly foe, Shadow. If stealth isn't always an option, or he simply can't get to the enemy fast enough, he likes to use the dual pistols, Aklex Prime. From mid to long range, the pistols have proven themselves a formidable force, delivering crushing blows, tearing through enemy armor as if it were not there. On occasion, he realizes that tactical support is needed, and coming into close quarters with the enemy force isn't where he can best serve the Lotus. It is in these situations that he perches far off in the distance, reconnoitering for his team and picking off dangerous or strong foes, solving the problem before it can become one.

It is with this loadout at his command that he continues to serve the Lotus with pride, and fight to uphold the peace and justice of the system.
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hay brothers and sister guess who back on warframe pc edition, ME AND IM SO PUMPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Saryn Prime is my profile
Weapons: Boltor Prime, Lex Prime, Nikana Prime, companion: solo mode
Base of operation: Earth salvaging what's still not destroyed and in ruins. Occasionally the moon meditating...
Hated faction: Grineer devoid of all honor cheap and foolish!
Way of the Vazarin all attacks have a counter measure!
Ship: Lizet soon to be Xiphos
Closely related Warframes: Frost Prime, Excalibur, Limbo, Trinity
Slightly distant Warframes: Valkyr, Atlas Loki, Mesa
Vastly distant Warframes: Chroma, Nyx, Inaros, Mirage (working relation ship)

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Everyone on here, there is a much better, more active Warframe role play called
Voyage of the Origin System: [Sekai the Betrayer]
It is an expanding Roleplay that has 50+ members and can only be better if YOU are active, we do not wish to be a ghost community and we are aiming to stay as active as physically possible so please join, make a profile, and Roleplay until your heart's content!
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