Noob question alert!
Occasionally my work colleagues ask me to check disk space to find out who is hogging the 6 1/2 Tb data discs we have. In the past I have used WinDirStat via the Samba link but that is kinda slow and has problems with some accounts where individuals have circular symbolic (?) links in their file structure. Is there a short fun "du" type command that will parse the data or do you guys use awk / perl scripts and the like for similar admin type jobs?
Red Hat Linux is the op/sys
Mark (noob flame retardant suit on) :-)

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From the OLPC XO-4 to Steam Box to hackable LEGO robots and more, the
#Linux platform stole headlines at this year's CES.

So, new improved funix 3.0 starts in 85 minutes...  Come along!


Just a quick note to wish you all a fantastic new year, and that I hope that you're all excited about the year of awesome that lies ahead.

Love and unix,


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Android warez of the week:  VLC

Just a stunning version of VLC for your phone.  Will even stream from samba shares with ES File manager.

We also looked at Battery Monitor Widget:


A concert pianist doesn't look at his fingers while he plays because he practices.  Many "experts" are unable to type quickly and accurately.

Your homework this week, and for the following 4 weeks until the next class, is to improve your typing.  Find an try out some typing tutors, take a screenshot of your score in the first program you use, and take another screenshot on Monday 14th January and compare the difference.

Speed will come with time; aim for accuracy.  Perfect practice makes perfect.  Slow is smooth; smooth is fast.

Deadline: 2013-01-15
Award: 1337 FXP
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