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We won!

The results of today's Anomalies are in.

Coming into the Americas, the Resistance were in the lead... They had controlled Chennai, Berlin, Belfast and Zagreb -- the Enlightened had controlled Osaka and Cebu City and Houston. The series score was 5 for the Resistance to 3.5 for the Enlightened.

With 218.48 to 81.52 -- Panama City was controlled by -- the ENLIGHTENED.

And with 246.82 to 53.18 -- Boulder was won by -- the ENLIGHTENED.

With 5.5 to 5, day one of #EXO5 has been claimed by... the ENLIGHTENED.


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Nos complace anunciar que tendremos otro MD en Colombia,,, alisten maletas mira ve, Cali los espera!!!

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He ganado la medalla "Trekker" en #Ingress.
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Today, more than 15 Enlightened Agents in Bogota gathered to create a couple of Field Art in order to start Christmas celebrations and to welcome a couple of agents from other regions.

Operation and designs were planned by agents @gotika and @Tegers77.

Participating agents:

Special thanks to agent @angelinflames for improving first drawings of both trees.

Enlightened Agents from Bogotá want to wish Happy Holidays to all agents in the world.

+Anne Beuttenmueller+Matilde Tusberti+John Hanke+Brandon Downey+Linda Besh+Andrew Krug+Niantic Project+Ingress+Daniel Musto
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