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Make sure you've joined Google+!
Really it only take a minute!
To do that you have to have a GMail account. 
Use this link to join/upgrade to Google+! (Totally free)
Or in your Gmail click on your email or personal icon on the top very right and it'll give you the option to join Google+.
One you do you'll see your invite to this Community and then the chat in your notifications (bell icon and make sure you click the "everything else" notifications too)!

If you have more than one name under your Google pages (ie. You used a different name for Youtube then  your actual Google name) You may have to use your original or main Google name to use Hangout!

Once you're in the hangout/chat, you can close out and return at any time! Just look for the " apostrophe icon. Click on that and it will list the Hangouts you're in and you can reenter!

Do NOT chose the "Leave" option under settings or you won't be able to get back in!

Also it is best if you use Chrome as your browser!
If you have chrome and its been a long time since you've update Chrome, make sure you've downloaded the hangout extension here:

If you have any other issues getting into the chat reach out to me and I'll be happy to help! :)

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Was it canceled ?

No more live feed :(

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I think we should consolidate our chat into this one...

Hi Sorry, I don't think i have an invite to the hangout. Can someone invite me? Thanks!

Add me to the hangout chat.

NEW Utopians arriving! Tune IN!

lol i was so upset when i tried to watch and join our chat last night! so where do we watch it now?

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Youtube is cut off so come join our live hangout to continue the chat! :)
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