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Anyway, I'm looking for someone who can make artworks for my poems, I will give credits. Just comment below so we can talk. 😘
Tattoo - Cat's Thought Journal
Tattoo - Cat's Thought Journal


She is flawed

but you see nothing but perfection
in the way that she sings out of tune,
just how her teeth was slightly overlapping,
how her hair doesn't always fall into place,
how she can't make up her mind up to the last minute,
and how her face was composed of blemishes and freckles

She is flawed
terribly flawed
but you loved her anyway

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I don't know which or what part of the universe is responsible
or how science can even explain
how the light travels
when happiness made its way
from your eyes
across my heart

lights were bursting
in colors I cannot explain,
how iridescent stars were carefully scattered in the depth of the night sky,
and how inevitable shooting stars were
yet they are unexpected.
WONDERS - Cat's Thought Journal
WONDERS - Cat's Thought Journal

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