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I was going to suggest +Misha Burnett post the submission guidelines here for convenience; then I remembered heroes act, so here they are:

(1) The setting must be contemporary Earth. No “Twenty minutes into the future,” no 1950s/60s period pieces, and no alternate history. Stories should be set in the world that you see outside your window. No time travel, space travel, or dimension hopping.

Exotic locations on Earth–uncharted islands, lost cities in the jungle, underground caverns–are allowed, but the heroes should be from a contemporary setting and purely human. High level and exotic skills are allowed, but no werewolves, mutants, or aliens.

(2) That being said, all fantastic elements are allowed, from folkloric monsters to made-up creatures and everything in between. Magic is explicitly allowed. We are looking for stories in which humans face off against extraordinary threats. Secret histories involving supernatural creatures, hidden super-science, covert aliens and the like are encouraged.

(3) All stories must have a conflict and a resolution. No stories where nothing happens. We are looking for Pulp Action and Adventure. We want danger, we want excitement, we want last minute rescues and hairbreadth escapes.

(4) There must be a morality of some kind, but moral dilemmas and doubts can occur. We’re looking for heroes who are heroic, who stand up against evil, who gaze into the abyss and punch it in the face.

(5) Gratuitous use of obscene or profane language is discouraged. This is more a matter of taste than anything else–we’re looking to recapture a spirit of high adventure. In the same spirit excessive gore should be avoided–violence, yes, explosive evisceration described in detail, not so much. Sexual situations are allowed, if they fit the story, but should be kept soft-focus. Leave it the reader’s imagination.

(6) Original stories of 2,000-10,000 words.

Submission via e-mail to Misha, in ODT, RTF, or DOC/DOCX. Minimal formatting. Ideally, Times New Roman, 12pt, 1.5 line-height

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Any interest here?
I'm considering starting a G+ community for short fiction, with the focus being on sales and marketing of same. I've looked, and the other groups I've seen have been more "post your stories and we'll tell you how wonderful your fanfic is."

Part of my New Year's Agonizing Reappraisal has been a decision to focus on short fiction as a writing career, and I would like to make a place for authors to share calls for submissions and technical knowledge on the crafting of short fiction for sale.

If I did start such a group, would any of my current contacts here be interested?

I've been avoiding talking about this for some time, but I think we have to face the fact that 21st Century Thrilling Adventure has been orphaned.

I have been out of contact with +Kevyn Winkless for months now, and I see no activity on any of his blogs. Or his twitter account.

I don't know what he is doing, and I seriously hope, above all, that he is okay. I understand that he was having problems both professionally and personally, but no details. I do hope that he'll get in contact with someone, so that we'll know he's still with us.

That having been said, I have to assume that the contracts with EXTANT for the stories (and +BAR-1 Studios's artwork) are now invalid. All rights have returned to the content creators.

At this point, we have a choice. We can attempt to sell the collection, as a whole, to another publisher. I, personally, would support anyone who is willing to query publishers, but I don't have the time and energy for it now.

Or, we can take our stories and market them ourselves, in our own collections, to other short fiction markets, Amazon singles, whatever. As I say, the rights have reverted, they are your stories now.

We created some damned fine stories for this thing, and I have no doubt they will all find homes, if that's what people want to do. The market for short fiction--particularly the action oriented kind of fiction that comprises the work of this group--is growing.

I'd like to get some feedback from the rest of the group on this. Please, share your thoughts.

Sorry for being rare for the last couple of months, but I did the final edits on my short, and sent off that and the cover to Extant! press.

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And touches of lighting effect to the mirrors! Lemme know if I need to touch this up a bit, or if I can ship this off!

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Almost Done

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Will this size png be big enough, or will you need larger?

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Progress made from last night. Middle image referencing Higgins' Fistfull of Coins replaces the image referencing Lein's Theater of Innocent Flesh
Figure there needed to balance with some sultry, dangerous looking dames if I'm going to be anywhere near to passing the Jeffro Test.

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#PulpRevolution #PulpRev #AppendixN Working on that 21rst Century Thrilling Adventures art. Discord to talk
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